Monday, March 25, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! KayKi Tweets Live with Jade Novah!

After the longest game of cat and mouse, Jade Novah and I finaaallllly had a moment in both of our schedules that made sense. We plotted a while ago to have a fun chat with her beloved fan base affectionately known as Novahcanes via twitter, but for some reason our schedules wouldn't permit. It's not hard to figure out why really. If Jade isn't actually recording, she's performing somewhere like for the GRAMMY's, or filming one of her infamous youtube videos, or recording, performing, and filming! So, basically WHEN does she have the time to do anything else? The girl is working HARD!

By some amazing grace, our schedules finally aligned Saturday evening. I sat down to prepare for the interview trying to have my numerous twitter screens open to accurately conduct this thing. Soon, the NovahCanes begin to send in their questions, many of them mirroring what I'd already prepared to ask the new found love of many music fiends. It was perfect.

  I went to my iTunes just before 4pm to turn on her Shades of Jade mixtape- which has become some sort of ritual for me with artist interviews. Then I waited until 3:58.. began typing my first question and at 4pm I pressed "tweet" ... below is our dialogue just as it happened- twitter short hand and all. Enjoy! xo

@KayKiSpeaks: Thanks for chatting with me today! You're one of my favorite artists out! I really appreciate the opportunity! xo @JadeNovah
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks no thank YOU for supporting @Mr_DEVINaire and I since the beginning of our journey! :)
@KayKiSpeaks: My pleasure! @JadeNovah is a new name to some,but the industry is not brand new to u. What artists have u worked with in the past?
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I started out as a songwriter! I’ve written songs for Melanie Fiona, Mya, Christina Milian, Iyaz, Kristinia DeBarge... ...I’ve collaborated with Missy Elliot! I also sang background vocals & was an understudy for 3 of Tyler Perry’s plays. 
@KayKiSpeaks: Wowzers! You've been putting in work for a while! @JadeNovah sweet! Gonna let the 2nd question come from --> RT @EonPhoeniX1 @KayKiSpeaks @JadeNovah Who influenced you musically? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks My mom was obsessed w/ musical theater so I grew up listening to a wide range of vocalists: Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews... ...I’m also inspired by the music in Disney Films. Walt Disney in general is a huge inspiration to me...such an innovator... most kids in the 90s I grew up listening to Brandy, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child! Huge influences... ...finally my dad exposed me to the music of Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen...I LOVE Freddie Mercury & his theatrics on stage! So it was that mix of influences that helped shape the sound that I want to create as an artist! 
@KayKiSpeaks: OMG @JadeNovah! I have literally sat in the studio & jammed out Disney music w/producers & other singers.. and u know I looove me some Bran!
Now, my #BabyKayKs (readers) know u mostly for ur epic covers. I have a couple favorites. Whats your favorite one so far? @JadeNovah
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks *sidenote* #BabyKayKs is a very clever name. Love! 
@KayKiSpeaks: Thanks! I love them!
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I have to say 2: 1. Bruno Mars "It Will Rain" b/c it was the first cover @Mr_DEVINaire & I did & I really relate to the lyrics! And you guys can check out the cover here:  
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @Mr_DEVINaire yesssss love that one! 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks My other fav is Rihanna's "Diamonds" because it was the first cover that I really introduced that theatrical element. ...and you can check out my cover of Diamond's here:  :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah I loved Diamonds too! Fans really showed that one love on my site as well…Sweet. Next question.. This doll wants to know who can claim u @JadeNovah 💁 RT @cream_jaz: @KayKiSpeaks Whr exactly does Jade come from asper her origins.. ;) 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @cream_jaz I'm from Cleveland, Ohio but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA shawty :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: #Midwest to the A like me!!! HAha..Next Q from a French fan of yours @JadeNovah! RT @AlexisFentyNavy @KayKiSpeaks Will your album be POP/R&B others ? #LoveYou 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @AlexisFentyNavy Bonjour! #InSearchofMe is a fusion of Musical Theater & R&B (I say R&B for lack of a better word)... ...once you hear'll understand why "R&B" would box it in. Oh...and I love you too :) #NOVAHcanes!! 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @AlexisFentyNavy y'all are cute.. Tweeting of ur soon coming album #InSearchofMe, are there any surprise features? How has creating it been for u @JadeNovah?! 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks Yes! There are some surprise features...but I can't give em away yet!! ;) I've had so much fun creating this album... ...@Mr_DEVINaire and I took a very different approach with creating my album than any project we had done in the past... ...every record was created organically and each song is part of a complete story. I'm excited to share it with the world! 
@KayKiSpeaks: I can't wait! Seriously.. whatever you and @Mr_DEVINaire do turns out incredible, so I'm ready. @JadeNovah. Now, I wanted to ask you because I ve seen some great artists tweeting about their Indiegogo projects- u've been one recently. Can u tell me a little about it? @JadeNovah 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I'm very adamant about remaining independent for my FIRST album & film because we want to remain in control creatively... ...Since we don't have a label budget, trying to complete a film & album independently has proven to be a costly experience... ...However I want to prove that it CAN be done. I have very close relationships with my supporters (#NOVAHcanes).. ...they've often asked how they can see this project come to life and help me fulfill that dream! SO I started an indiegogo... @KayKiSpeaks All the details are in this campaign video. You can check it out here:  :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: Sweet! #NovahCanes this is cool! That is all very true, and I think indiegogo is a great tool for artists! Now I know this is pushing it forward a bit, but next Q @JadeNovah RT @nayemonique @KayKiSpeaks for jade: who would u wanna go on tour with? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @nayemonique I'd actually love to take a non traditional route and turn my album into a Broadway musical & tour that way! 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @nayemonique that makes a lot of sense for you! I'd come! Lol I’m sure ur fan base would love that too. U briefly tweeted abt ur relationship with ur fans #NovahCanes earlier. It's great to have such a good relationship with them. The next Q is on the serious side. It’s from our contributor Richa Tee :) RT @RichaTee How do u feel abt unfair expectations fans place on singers/celebs? Ie. role model/perfect  (Richa Tee is the world news contributor for ! Count on her to bring the real social issues! Love it!) 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @RichaTee I think perfection is an unrealistic expectation of anyone. However, the pedestal that fans place celebrities on.. ..comes with the territory of being a "public figure.". This expectation of “perfection” not only exists in entertainment, but in churches, politics, etc. I don't think there's anything wrong with looking at a celebrity as a "role model.".The issue comes when people can't decipher between "role model" & "a model of perfection" We ALL make mistakes. 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @RichaTee if that isn't a brilliant way to put it, I don't know what is.. wow! Awww man... we're down to the last question. #KayKiAsksJade
Ok..You've had a craazzzy start already-placements, #InSearchofMe, great media coverage, lets not forget the Grammys this year @JadeNovah. @JadeNovah when #InSearchOfMe is full-as it will be soon, what does JADE NOVAH want the world to take away from her artistry? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I want people to be inspired by staying true to themselves...not feeling the need to rely on labels or deals for validation. I want to prove that you can make the kind of music that YOU want and not what is expected of the "industry..." I want people to laugh...cry...feel & "SEE" my music...and I want them to walk with me on this journey. That's what it’s about. ...We all have dreams and passions...and what better way to live them than with people who believed in you from the start..I'm referring to the #NOVAHcanes of course. The sweetest supporters EVER! 
@KayKiSpeaks: Aww @JadeNovah and I believe you're well on your way to impacting music in this way already! Love it!! Well we're wayyy past our time, but that was so fun! Thanks to all tweeties who asked Qs! Thanks for hanging out! Thank u @JadeNovah for taking the time to chat w/us today! U're such a great contribution to music and art! xoxo Also thank you to @Mr_DEVINaire for all of his help! #InSearchOfMe #NovahCanes #KayKiAsksJade xo 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks Thank you so much!! This was a really cool way to do an interview :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: You're so welcome! It was fun! xo

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