Friday, March 1, 2013

Chris Brown responds to Team Breezy's Solid Message to Him & Critics in New "Project X" Video

First of all HELLOOOOOOO BabyKayKs. Let me start by saying I'm sorry for like.. one post this week,  and a sudden twitter break. I recently started a new venture in life and I was totally overwhelmed this week, but I promise it is just for this week!!!!!  Now on to this video.

..I'm always happy to see these tribute videos. I'm honestly a mush for them. This one was very special. I got to watch it unfold via twitter from start to finish and I must say it is beautiful. Chris Brown is blessed in many ways. I've said this many times. He has a praying mother, is extremely gifted in the arts, and has a rock hard fan base that has stood by him through the toughest of obstacles.

Throughout every attempted set back it appears that Team Breezy has become stronger. They've also acquired a few other qualities while enduring the negative press surrounding their fave. For example, I wouldn't like to find myself on the bad side of the fan base notorious for their ability to snap back on anybody who seeks to demean Chris. They can hang with the best of them in a war with words in defense of him, but they decided to take a different approach to negative media today. They decided to focus on the positive... Thats why I love this video (named after Chris' next album out this year).

CB has done a lot of positive things. Just in the past month he's- given away scholarships, he  took time out of a party filled All Star Weekend to support an organization bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence. He even stopped by the Sir Elton John Aids Foundation's  annual Oscar viewing party to help bring awareness to the disease. This is a huge deal for someone who much of the media tries to make out as a homophobic monster. Team Breezy, led by one of my fave tweeties Chrissy (also s/o to Dee) & her girl Lisa... decided to speak to CB on a personal level for all of the good he's brought to them and the world. A breath of fresh air for him I'm sure.

According to his digital media producer Jake, CB actually took the time to watch the video and he, "Said it was awesome and how much he loves ya'll"..

So... who really cares how some have decided to label Chris. When you have a fan base who has been through it (and none has been through it like TB), yet they are still here riding with you as you become a better person and artist- your propensity for success is immeasurable. Kudos to TB for this tribute video & kudos to Chris for the things he's gotten right in life...some of us see those things.

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