Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brandy Turns Philly UP!!!! (Show Footage)

Ok! Granted I am a stan and so me watching this video twice and completely yelling at the screen about how hot she looks and sounds may be a little over the top for most of you, but............. OH EM GE!

I am so thankful to Silent over at for always having the real exclusives on Bran. I just got my liiiife.

She has just blossomed into something amazing with this last project. Her look and presence on stage during this sold out Philly show just took me clean out. She OWNED this performance.

The below footage shows her singing some of our favorite Brandy songs (Check out my BDay Video for Bran) , and hanging out a little with fans. Bran truly has a way of connecting with her fans when she meets them, its like, "Oh heyyyyyy girl!".. so personal and just real.

SEE  ALSO : KayKi Meets Brandy FINALLY! 

Singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan made a rare appearance and claims to be Bran's biggest fan. Listen Jaz.. I love you, but we're gonna have to share that title (with a billion other people I know). Ha!

Check out the footage below and get your life like I did. Love her!

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