Friday, March 29, 2013

Brandy is Everything..of Course I'd Watch Her on The View!

So, my love Brandy has been having an amazing past 12 months. She's put out some of her best work on this latest album Two Eleven, been performing her little tail off, is happily engaged, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she met one of her biggest fans= ME! LOL.... no, seriously, I couldn't be more proud of Bran than I am right now.

Bran most recently had a few shows in Japan and made her way back to the states to promote her new Tyler Perry movie, Temptation, and the new season of The Game. Bran has shied away from the whole Reality TV thing, but claims she'd love to host the view!

Listen! I'd be all over that show if she were a host. Bran is so genuine and she gives such sound advice on twitter, I'm for it! She's also just too adorable & funny, I'd love to watch her do her hosting thing. She recently told VH1

 I would love to do something like that. Seriously, because I’m bubbly, energetic, and I just want to talk to people and find out everybody’s business; I’m nosy, I would know how to get in there!
Hahaha I bet she would too! If I had to PICK a show I'd prefer something a little more geared towards my age group, but I dig The View.

On another note Bran has been making headlines for her cute little interview with The Game costar the beautiful Lauren London. Check that out below! Soooo funny!! "Gloray!" Love her!

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