Friday, March 29, 2013

In 2013 Yall Believe Any Chrianna Story- No Matter How the Facts Contradict

Yo.. this is a  long post so get ready!

I get so tickled. So I'm on a social media fast, which is why you BabyKayKs have only seen me tweeting blog posts for the past week. It's been a bit hard, but for the most part I'm toughing it out, and learning a lot.  I PROMISE I'm not ignoring anybody. I miss yall. That along with corporate america now kicking my behind, I'm having to find the oddest times to blog certain things.

Today was one of those days I wanted so badly to tell corporate america to just give me one minute... I had so much to say! I wanted to talk about my boo Brandy, and news, and Chrianna! So much to say- no time. Now.. I'm making the time.

Now-when I say Chrianna in this post title, I mean the two of them not as a couple- just as people.

It started this morning with Chris Brown's Exclusive Interview with Big Boy. While I'd seen some of the interview yesterday and was pretty clear on at least one point of it .. somehow, my peers in the blogging industry missed something. I saw posts and emails about Chris saying he and Rih had broken up. This stemmed from a clip Big Boy played from Chris' last visit..

 I'm not even going to go into anything about Chrianna being together, being broken up, married, whatever.. my whole point.................................................. use your own brains and ears and listen to the full interview. Think folks. You can't allow blogs to dictate what you think, because the reality is..we get paid to make you visit our sites.Some of us more than others.. but paid none the less.

Some of you not only promote what you claim to dislike or hate, but you put money in the pockets of the people spreading the stuff.. but that's tmi for yall.


Rihanna has always had this bad gal persona in the industry. This is who she's been for years. Her industry image is all the way rock star, bad gal, sex goddess, etc. So, it's never a surprise for Rihanna to have or tweet cocky lyrics, or post something on IG that makes you say, "WOAH!"! It's simply a part of who she is as an artist.

All things when I happened to be dm'd by a member of the Beyhive, I was a bit surprised. I was told to go look at Rihanna's twitter/IG page. It appears Rih has been crowned the most influential pop star in Britain .. and to no surprise. Feel how you feel about her music, but you canNOT logically deny her stats, her work ethic, her brand.

When I stumbled upon her twitter page, nothing surprised me.In typical Rihanna form, she tweeted out the news to congratulate her Navy. The IG post happens to also mention that Beyonce (who just released a pretty cocky diss record herself), and Rih's industry gal pal Katy Perry both trail her on the list.

With the photo Rihanna posted a caption that didn't sit well with people.
I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge... "How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!" 
 They assumed she was just making up something to diss Beyonce and Katy. This would probably make sense save a few key points. 1.) Rihanna loves Bey and Katy...she's made that known. 2.) She put the "diss" portion of her caption in quotation marks- that shouldve been a sign it wasn't just a personal caption to diss the ladies. 3.) The widely reported "diss" is actually a line from a Rihanna song released years ago (G4L).

I mean.. I know we Pisces are insanely intuitive, but dang.. Rih  couldn't have known then that Bey would release a record called Bow Down talking about her reign in the industry just a week prior to Britain crowning Rih their most influential pop artist..... lets just think folks.

At the end of the day, there is room for everybody at the top- in their lane. Theres room for Rihanna, there's room for Bey, Katy has her spot too. I personally don't want a Beyonce making Rihanna music, or vice versa. I love them as artists for who they always have been.

A lot of times fans, and mainly media make things into more than what they are, and it's proven successful for every little ship out there without a sail. They are slaves to every wind and whim. For those of you who don't LOVE the drama... I say Rih's Rihaction was her normal reaction, and not personal at all.

Just like Beyonce gladly released a record saying how boss she was above the rest, Rih did that a few years ago and resurrected those lyrics today. It is fact that they fell beneath her on that list. We can't say it's fact that she meant to intentionally insult them personally.

Overall I think Rihanna and Chris have been through soooooooo much that they are an easy target for misleading media schemes. It's sad but true. Just know that every media source out there isn't interested in the hoopla.. Chris and Rih both are interesting artists enough in reality to not have to fabricate anything.

Brandy is Everything..of Course I'd Watch Her on The View!

So, my love Brandy has been having an amazing past 12 months. She's put out some of her best work on this latest album Two Eleven, been performing her little tail off, is happily engaged, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she met one of her biggest fans= ME! LOL.... no, seriously, I couldn't be more proud of Bran than I am right now.

Bran most recently had a few shows in Japan and made her way back to the states to promote her new Tyler Perry movie, Temptation, and the new season of The Game. Bran has shied away from the whole Reality TV thing, but claims she'd love to host the view!

Listen! I'd be all over that show if she were a host. Bran is so genuine and she gives such sound advice on twitter, I'm for it! She's also just too adorable & funny, I'd love to watch her do her hosting thing. She recently told VH1

 I would love to do something like that. Seriously, because I’m bubbly, energetic, and I just want to talk to people and find out everybody’s business; I’m nosy, I would know how to get in there!
Hahaha I bet she would too! If I had to PICK a show I'd prefer something a little more geared towards my age group, but I dig The View.

On another note Bran has been making headlines for her cute little interview with The Game costar the beautiful Lauren London. Check that out below! Soooo funny!! "Gloray!" Love her!

s/o to too!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mom of boy killed by Alabama airport sign unaware of his death

Officials are investigating why a 300-pound airport sign fell off a wall and onto a family last week. The mother of a boy who was killed by the sign is still in the hospital, unconscious and unaware of what happened. 

Chris Brown Interviews with Ryan Seacrest, "Eternally grateful to Rihanna"

Chris Brown is on a roll promoting his brand new album X. After what seemed like an eternity of dodging interviews with his last album, CB is opening up this time around.

This morning he was on with Ryan Seacrest and hopefully the world got to see a different side of Chris. He spoke briefly about his incredible work ethic, studio sessions with JLo this past week, how indebted he is to Rihanna for forgiving him as she has, and... yes.. a family some day.

This was a really great interview. Chris is focused and Ryan was true to give him great advice while questioning him. Good stuff CB. I have a feeling this album is going to be special!

Check out the full interview HERE!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! KayKi Tweets Live with Jade Novah!

After the longest game of cat and mouse, Jade Novah and I finaaallllly had a moment in both of our schedules that made sense. We plotted a while ago to have a fun chat with her beloved fan base affectionately known as Novahcanes via twitter, but for some reason our schedules wouldn't permit. It's not hard to figure out why really. If Jade isn't actually recording, she's performing somewhere like for the GRAMMY's, or filming one of her infamous youtube videos, or recording, performing, and filming! So, basically WHEN does she have the time to do anything else? The girl is working HARD!

By some amazing grace, our schedules finally aligned Saturday evening. I sat down to prepare for the interview trying to have my numerous twitter screens open to accurately conduct this thing. Soon, the NovahCanes begin to send in their questions, many of them mirroring what I'd already prepared to ask the new found love of many music fiends. It was perfect.

  I went to my iTunes just before 4pm to turn on her Shades of Jade mixtape- which has become some sort of ritual for me with artist interviews. Then I waited until 3:58.. began typing my first question and at 4pm I pressed "tweet" ... below is our dialogue just as it happened- twitter short hand and all. Enjoy! xo

@KayKiSpeaks: Thanks for chatting with me today! You're one of my favorite artists out! I really appreciate the opportunity! xo @JadeNovah
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks no thank YOU for supporting @Mr_DEVINaire and I since the beginning of our journey! :)
@KayKiSpeaks: My pleasure! @JadeNovah is a new name to some,but the industry is not brand new to u. What artists have u worked with in the past?
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I started out as a songwriter! I’ve written songs for Melanie Fiona, Mya, Christina Milian, Iyaz, Kristinia DeBarge... ...I’ve collaborated with Missy Elliot! I also sang background vocals & was an understudy for 3 of Tyler Perry’s plays. 
@KayKiSpeaks: Wowzers! You've been putting in work for a while! @JadeNovah sweet! Gonna let the 2nd question come from --> RT @EonPhoeniX1 @KayKiSpeaks @JadeNovah Who influenced you musically? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks My mom was obsessed w/ musical theater so I grew up listening to a wide range of vocalists: Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews... ...I’m also inspired by the music in Disney Films. Walt Disney in general is a huge inspiration to me...such an innovator... most kids in the 90s I grew up listening to Brandy, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child! Huge influences... ...finally my dad exposed me to the music of Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen...I LOVE Freddie Mercury & his theatrics on stage! So it was that mix of influences that helped shape the sound that I want to create as an artist! 
@KayKiSpeaks: OMG @JadeNovah! I have literally sat in the studio & jammed out Disney music w/producers & other singers.. and u know I looove me some Bran!
Now, my #BabyKayKs (readers) know u mostly for ur epic covers. I have a couple favorites. Whats your favorite one so far? @JadeNovah
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks *sidenote* #BabyKayKs is a very clever name. Love! 
@KayKiSpeaks: Thanks! I love them!
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I have to say 2: 1. Bruno Mars "It Will Rain" b/c it was the first cover @Mr_DEVINaire & I did & I really relate to the lyrics! And you guys can check out the cover here:  
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @Mr_DEVINaire yesssss love that one! 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks My other fav is Rihanna's "Diamonds" because it was the first cover that I really introduced that theatrical element. ...and you can check out my cover of Diamond's here:  :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah I loved Diamonds too! Fans really showed that one love on my site as well…Sweet. Next question.. This doll wants to know who can claim u @JadeNovah 💁 RT @cream_jaz: @KayKiSpeaks Whr exactly does Jade come from asper her origins.. ;) 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @cream_jaz I'm from Cleveland, Ohio but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA shawty :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: #Midwest to the A like me!!! HAha..Next Q from a French fan of yours @JadeNovah! RT @AlexisFentyNavy @KayKiSpeaks Will your album be POP/R&B others ? #LoveYou 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @AlexisFentyNavy Bonjour! #InSearchofMe is a fusion of Musical Theater & R&B (I say R&B for lack of a better word)... ...once you hear'll understand why "R&B" would box it in. Oh...and I love you too :) #NOVAHcanes!! 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @AlexisFentyNavy y'all are cute.. Tweeting of ur soon coming album #InSearchofMe, are there any surprise features? How has creating it been for u @JadeNovah?! 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks Yes! There are some surprise features...but I can't give em away yet!! ;) I've had so much fun creating this album... ...@Mr_DEVINaire and I took a very different approach with creating my album than any project we had done in the past... ...every record was created organically and each song is part of a complete story. I'm excited to share it with the world! 
@KayKiSpeaks: I can't wait! Seriously.. whatever you and @Mr_DEVINaire do turns out incredible, so I'm ready. @JadeNovah. Now, I wanted to ask you because I ve seen some great artists tweeting about their Indiegogo projects- u've been one recently. Can u tell me a little about it? @JadeNovah 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I'm very adamant about remaining independent for my FIRST album & film because we want to remain in control creatively... ...Since we don't have a label budget, trying to complete a film & album independently has proven to be a costly experience... ...However I want to prove that it CAN be done. I have very close relationships with my supporters (#NOVAHcanes).. ...they've often asked how they can see this project come to life and help me fulfill that dream! SO I started an indiegogo... @KayKiSpeaks All the details are in this campaign video. You can check it out here:  :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: Sweet! #NovahCanes this is cool! That is all very true, and I think indiegogo is a great tool for artists! Now I know this is pushing it forward a bit, but next Q @JadeNovah RT @nayemonique @KayKiSpeaks for jade: who would u wanna go on tour with? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @nayemonique I'd actually love to take a non traditional route and turn my album into a Broadway musical & tour that way! 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @nayemonique that makes a lot of sense for you! I'd come! Lol I’m sure ur fan base would love that too. U briefly tweeted abt ur relationship with ur fans #NovahCanes earlier. It's great to have such a good relationship with them. The next Q is on the serious side. It’s from our contributor Richa Tee :) RT @RichaTee How do u feel abt unfair expectations fans place on singers/celebs? Ie. role model/perfect  (Richa Tee is the world news contributor for ! Count on her to bring the real social issues! Love it!) 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks @RichaTee I think perfection is an unrealistic expectation of anyone. However, the pedestal that fans place celebrities on.. ..comes with the territory of being a "public figure.". This expectation of “perfection” not only exists in entertainment, but in churches, politics, etc. I don't think there's anything wrong with looking at a celebrity as a "role model.".The issue comes when people can't decipher between "role model" & "a model of perfection" We ALL make mistakes. 
@KayKiSpeaks: @JadeNovah @RichaTee if that isn't a brilliant way to put it, I don't know what is.. wow! Awww man... we're down to the last question. #KayKiAsksJade
Ok..You've had a craazzzy start already-placements, #InSearchofMe, great media coverage, lets not forget the Grammys this year @JadeNovah. @JadeNovah when #InSearchOfMe is full-as it will be soon, what does JADE NOVAH want the world to take away from her artistry? 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks I want people to be inspired by staying true to themselves...not feeling the need to rely on labels or deals for validation. I want to prove that you can make the kind of music that YOU want and not what is expected of the "industry..." I want people to laugh...cry...feel & "SEE" my music...and I want them to walk with me on this journey. That's what it’s about. ...We all have dreams and passions...and what better way to live them than with people who believed in you from the start..I'm referring to the #NOVAHcanes of course. The sweetest supporters EVER! 
@KayKiSpeaks: Aww @JadeNovah and I believe you're well on your way to impacting music in this way already! Love it!! Well we're wayyy past our time, but that was so fun! Thanks to all tweeties who asked Qs! Thanks for hanging out! Thank u @JadeNovah for taking the time to chat w/us today! U're such a great contribution to music and art! xoxo Also thank you to @Mr_DEVINaire for all of his help! #InSearchOfMe #NovahCanes #KayKiAsksJade xo 
@JadeNovah: @KayKiSpeaks Thank you so much!! This was a really cool way to do an interview :) 
@KayKiSpeaks: You're so welcome! It was fun! xo

Press Play: Tyga ft. Chris Brown

Long time friends and collaborators Chris Brown and Tyga are finally releasing another one. Tyga is set to drop his new album, Hotel California on April 9th. The two come together on his new single, F*ck For the Road, a smoothed out rap record about the obvious.

Chris Brown and Tyga's working relationship has produced lots of music for their fans. Their bromance even has a name.. "Chryga" - you have to give it to these fan bases, they are extra creative with these names. It's cool to have artists out there who frequently collaborate.

While Tyga is set to release Hotel California, Chris Brown has been said to be creating a masterpiece with his next studio album, X out this year.

Ok. So Michael Jackson's 3rd cousin Sings

My sister hit me with this craziness last night. Tammy & Gerald are not right. "They regular people. They got they behind beat. They had to work from 7 at night to 9 in the morning." Maam.

Yall.. enjoy. Bye

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miley Cyrus Newest Member of the Twerk Team!

I laughed so hard, but this surprised me! If Miley Cyrus is teaching us anything it's to never put her in a box. Who knew Miley had a little twerk in her? In the video Miley twerks to the song Wop by J.Dash & FloRida. She has the whole choreography down.

All dressed up in her onesie.. there is nothing about this video that would convince you that it's Miley until the very end. Homegirl snapped. This made me laugh.. thought I'd share it with yall. Get. IT. Miley!

Jade Novah Covers Stay By Rihanna

Jade Novah grabbed our attention with her cover of Rihanna's hit Diamonds recently. Now she's taking a jab at one of the other many fan favorites from Unapologetic.. a sweet duet Rih has with Mikky Ekko entitled Stay. Rih just announced that it will be her next single to much of her Navy's delight!

Being the actress that she is, Jade released this cover as a video. Just as with Diamonds and all of her other covers, she partnered with Producer Devin Johnson to bang out yet another original and amazing cover.

Jade's mixtape Shades of Jade is one of my favorites. You can get it HERE. Follow Jade on twitter to keep up with ALL that she has going on. Check out her video cover of Stay below & get your free download HERE!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Video: Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Yall tired of JT's return yet? No? Cool, because neither am I. He is on a fast train. His album The 20/20 Experience dropped today, and with that he's also dropping his brand new visual for the single Mirrors, which I LOVE.

The video is just as beautiful as the lyrical content in the song. It captures a couple's life together, and listen.. I'm too much of a mush for this!!!!! I love it! I'm saying love is a beautiful thing. JT was recently married and Jessica has to feel some kinda way listening to this record! :))

 Get JT's album and get your life!

New Music! #PressPlay- Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay Z

After blazing our radios with Poetic Justice, Kendrick Lamar is back with a remix to another fan favorite of his, B*tch Dont Kill My Vibe. The title in itself has taken legs and walked culturally becoming a very popular figure of speech.  Who better to relay such a message on the remix than Hov?

Jay jumps on the second verse of this record talking about being on his PJ with his wifey. Bey is always in his verses, and I love it. Kendrick Lamar is also continuing to prove his lyricism on this record. The LA rapper is slowly becoming one of my faves.

Check out  B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe below.

Paternity suit dropped against Michael Jordan

An Atlanta woman who says basketball legend Michael Jordan fathered her 16-year-old son has dropped her paternity suit against him.

Pamela Smith, 48, filed a paternity suit against Jordan last month seeking child support, news that we are sure shocked his legion of fans. Jordan, 50, denied he was the father and also has filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions against Smith for making false claims, according to a report by Reuters. According to Jordan's lawyers, Smith acknowledged in a previous divorce proceeding that her now-ex husband is the father of her child.

Smith's attorney said she voluntarily dismissed the case "without prejudice," which means she can re-file it later. Michael Jordan's attorneys said there has been no settlement or money paid to Smith. Recently, Smith asked a Georgia court to force Jordan to submit to a DNA test to prove whether he is the father.

Now, let's breathe a collective sigh of relief! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New music!! Press Play: Beyonce - Bow Down/ I Been on

Ummmmmm.. King Bey is back. She released this bossy & cocky record today. She's basically letting everybody know mommyhood hasnt changed a thing.

 Bey is staying true to her HTown roots with this one. She's talkin tough too. Ok Bey.. Ok. Lol Hitboy on the beat.

 How y'all like it??!

Monday, March 11, 2013

#PressPlay! Stream Justin Timberlake's Full Album Before it Drops March 19th!!!

If you are like me (and every other human I know) you have been waiting what seems like forever for new Justin Timberlake music! JT showed up and showed OUT at this years Grammy's. It was his return in a sense and he took full advantage of it.

Following a few hit performances ft. Jay Z of  his first single, Suit & Tie, as well as a dope video for the record, JT is teaming with iTunes to give us even more! I am not complaining! You can check out JT's full album streaming now on iTunes! I've been jamming it!!! Omygaaaaawd!

JT's first album since 2006 is titled, The 20/20 Experience and features some incredible grooves, as well as some stuff we're used to from the former NSYNC member& producer friend Timbaland. Justin has long earned the respect of r&b/soul singers, and fans alike. This album solidifies that this boy has too much soul!

Check out iTunes' Stream HERE! You can also pre-order the album out March 19th.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Video: Chrisette Michele - A Couple of Forevers

Chrisette is SO adorable! She just released this cute video to her jamming single, A Couple of Forevers. The Pop & Oak  track is a true classic love song. These guys have made something beautiful with this song.

The visual was shot in the equally beautiful Savannah, Georgia. The clip shows Chrisette returning home from a long trip to her boo, played by her "crush" Guitar Slayer. I just love this record, and the video is so nice. Her new album Better is due in stores at the end of April!

Check it out below!

Justin Timberlake Brings Jay Z on stage for SNL Performance & Responds to Kanye's Diss

Justin Timberlake is a SNL favorite. Last night he did double duty in hosting and performing last night. JT's comeback has been an incredible one. He had one of the best performances at this years Grammy's and the people are just anxious to get more music from him.

Not to mention he has my FAVE rapper Jay Z on his first single, Suit & Tie! These two together are EVERYTHING. Jay even surprised the crowd by showing up on JT's SNL set looking too fly!

They gave a memorable show. One moment that probably was missed by the general public was JT's subliminal response to Kanye's recent diss of his first single. Kanye recently said at a concert that he basically doesn't get down with the record. JT decided to use his SNL platform to respond by switching up a line in the song to, "My hit’s so sick, got rappers acting dramatic.." A direct response to Kanye.

That was ballsy considering Jay was there, but I think JT had a right to respond to Kanye musically if he wanted. Check out his performance above to hear JT's comeback!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brandy Turns Philly UP!!!! (Show Footage)

Ok! Granted I am a stan and so me watching this video twice and completely yelling at the screen about how hot she looks and sounds may be a little over the top for most of you, but............. OH EM GE!

I am so thankful to Silent over at for always having the real exclusives on Bran. I just got my liiiife.

She has just blossomed into something amazing with this last project. Her look and presence on stage during this sold out Philly show just took me clean out. She OWNED this performance.

The below footage shows her singing some of our favorite Brandy songs (Check out my BDay Video for Bran) , and hanging out a little with fans. Bran truly has a way of connecting with her fans when she meets them, its like, "Oh heyyyyyy girl!".. so personal and just real.

SEE  ALSO : KayKi Meets Brandy FINALLY! 

Singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan made a rare appearance and claims to be Bran's biggest fan. Listen Jaz.. I love you, but we're gonna have to share that title (with a billion other people I know). Ha!

Check out the footage below and get your life like I did. Love her!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Justin Bieber Collapses On Stage

Justin Instagrams a Photo of Himself tonight after collapse

After what seemed to be a pretty emotional week for Justin Bieber, he suddenly collapsed tonight while perfomring in London. A source close to Justin said he fell short of breath while on stage, but after a short break off stage, the performer came back out and finished the show. What a trooper!

Scooter Braun, Justin's rep came back to the stage and told the crowd that he'd been short of breath the whole show. Braun said Justin was currently seeing a doctor back stage to make sure everything is ok. I have never fainted, so I don't know how this feels, but it seems to be a scary thing. I hope JB gets the rest and recovery he needs! The Beliebers are counting on it!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

George Zimmerman declines "Stand Your Ground" hearing

In an interesting turn of events in the Trayvon Martin murder case, an attorney for George Zimmerman said in court Tuesday that he did not need a two-week immunity hearing in April to determine whether the defendant acted in self defense under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Congrats to Rihanna on the Launch of her River Island collection

Rihanna flew to London yesterday to party for the release of her own River Island collection. The line is now available world wide via the web! Rih just premiered the line a couple of weeks ago at London Fashion Week. Now complete with a site launch, she's officially got clothes in stores!

This woman works like crazy, but it's SO boss! Go Rihver Island!!!