Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is the Day to Celebrate Whitney Houston & Brandy! Check out this Adorable Video of them together!

Today is bittersweet for me. One year ago today my biggest musical inspiration passed away. It broke me to the core. It was almost like I'd known Whitney personally. I grew up as many of you did listening to her, watching her, wanting to be her, and sound like her. She was so gorgeous, talented, spiritual, and just all of the things that make up a legendary woman. 

That was the bitter- now for the sweet. You all most likely already know how I feel about Brandy. She is all sorts of my favorite artist and just a beautiful person. It's ironic that she too was so highly influenced by Whitney, and I come to figure that maybe she is my favorite by default?? Whatever the reason- I absolutely adore her. Well, today though saddened by the loss of one iconic voice, thanks to Brandy we can add the sweet to the bitter and celebrate another. It is also Brandy's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may recall Bran's last album being titled Two Eleven to commemorate Whitney and celebrate her own birthday. It has to be hard for Brandy to have lost her Godmother on her birthday in such a way, but I'd be willing to bet that she is SO proud (as I am) of the work Brandy has put in since. She is definitely carrying on her legacy in a beautiful way. To celebrate both of them I found this old video I watched a long time ago of the two behind the scenes of their Cinderella Remake ( I LOVE that movie as you can imagine. :) ).

I hope you enjoy this cute video as much as I do. Salute to two of the most talented women to ever EVER do it- Whitney Houston (RIL) and Brandy (Happy Birthday!!!) 

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