Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Solange Knowles Covers FADER (Behind the Scenes) Video

Gosh this woman is so beautiful. Her music is groovy, her style is impeccable. She's easily one of the hottest stylistas in the game. I just adore her!! In her latest cover she poses for FADER magazine. Solanges exclusive with the magazine shines a light on her lengthy career and the obvious (And annoying) comparisons to her big sister Beyonce.

Solange opens up about her struggles with the politics of the industry and how she decided to deal with it- by not dealing with it. Solange has etched out her own groove that seems quite natural. Her music is as cool as her name, as her fashion sense, as her writing style. It's often referred to as hippy music as it captures the groove left by most in the 60s, 70s, & early 80s.. way before Solange's time, only Solange is an old soul. She delivers these grooves as if she was there.

Her first single Losing You  from her recent True EP caused an explosion on twitter the night it dropped. No one could deny how good her music felt, just as it's getting harder to deny how authentic her style is. FADER captures all of that in their exclusive with her. Check out some behind the scenes footage below.

While the world is waiting on her to be Beyonce, she's happily and quite perfectly being Solange. We definitely need a Solange!


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