Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rihanna in Court With Chris Brown Today in Latest Appearance (photos)

In his latest court appearance and easily most worrisome in recent dates, Chris Brown was accompanied by his friend Rihanna. Your eyes do not deceive you..that is Rihanna in the above photo. Yes, this is obviously a bold statement of support for her to appear in court for a case stemming from their altercation in 2009, but she was there. She was there along with her bff Melissa Forde, and Chris' mom. All three women were photographed leaving Chris' home earlier today with him prior to entering the court room.

It is said that Rihanna blew Chris a kiss and  was all smiles and encouragement to the singer, who didn't appear to be in the same high spirits. Chris' case is under investigations for claims suggesting his community service was fraudulent- claims his lawyer Mark Geragos says are unfounded. Chris is also under media pressure today from a rant/letter sent out by a fake account on Instagram. The funny part about that is, just days ago most outlets were reporting he'd deactivated his IG account (as he had), but didn't think twice in assuming that one of a million fake accounts was actually Chris.

The judge ordered Chris to meet with his PO in LA within 48 hrs. and said he needed more time to look through the evidence submitted by the DA claiming Chris hadn't really completed his community service as reported. When the very very quick hearing was over Rihanna and Chris walked out arm in arm with his mom, her bff, and his legal team. The singer is scheduled to re-appear on April 5th.

In the end, there was a huge statement sent out to the media today when Rihanna sat in the courtroom with Chris. Safe to say Rihanna meant the lyrics she sang on her hit single Umbrella "Now that it's raining more than ever, know that we'll still have each other.." She's living that now and standing by him.. no matter how people feel about it. Standing by him through it all.

Chris is blessed to have her support.


  1. THIS. People will always have something to say, but she's obviously a good friend to him first. Who would stand with him after what he did. She knows he need her support.

  2. it takes a STRONG woman to do what rihanna did by going to court with him..Damn!because believe it or not FORGIVENESS is for the Strong!!
    i only pray and wish Chris appreciates and cherishes her,cos this is rear to be very honest.

    i hope the whole community service issue is settled.
    all the best to Him

  3. They both deserve happiness and it will happen soon. I can't understand why people are taking this case so personal while the people involve just want to move forward with their lives. It is getting really worrisome and all need to check our motives. We cannot cry more than the bereaved? what is going on here D.A, what do you have to gain by sending this young man to jail or extending this probation? You waste tax payers money on frivolities when children are being gunned down in schools and families are loosing jobs SHAME on You!