Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Rihanna We Celebrate with 25 Things you May Not Know about The Superstar

It's RihDay! Yep.. today is the birthday of our girl Rihanna. Though I have not been closely following her career for that long, I really can't believe she's just 25! Considering all of the success she's already had, it's hard to think that a 25 yr. old is already running with the big dogs of music history.. but she is.

Not only has Rihanna's reign overshadowed many others in music, but she just premiered her collaborative line with fashion house River Island at London Fashion Week this past weekend. Crazy right!? If that weren't enough, MAC announced today that they have "partnered" with Rihanna for a new line of cosmetics called Riri Woo an ode to Rih's favorite color of the famous brand's lip wear- Ruby Woo.

So yea, Rih's on your radio, your movie screen, your back, your mouth, everywhere really.. but do you think she's just a huge pop star in her own little world? I know people who do.

Well, for her birthday we're gonna list 25 random fun facts that I've learned about Rih this year. This post isn't for the Navy.. I'm sure you all know this stuff already. This is for the other people who feel they've already got Badgal Riri figured out. Some of what I've learned this year may surprise you. Check our list out below.

1.) Rihanna is a prankster. She's known to pull a fast one on you. BTS footage of her concert DVDs show her in action. It's really sad what she does to people, but it's sooo funny! Chewed gum in jeans?! Come on Rih!

2.) She's still learning to like Sushi. Random, but had to share this one because I love it SO much!

3.) She hugs and kisses her cleaning lady. Rih's gal pal Evelyn Lozada just revealed in an interview that people probably have a huge misconception about who Rih really is. She went on to say that she's one of the kindest people to everyone- "she even hugs and kisses her cleaning lady." I thought that was cute and revealing.

4.) She loves the ph word.

5.) Bob Marley is her boo thang.

6.) Rih's fans (Navy) are her friends. More than ever this year I've learned the magic behind Rihanna's success. Outside of working tirelessly, she has the most special relationship with her fan base. She talks to them via social media daily, knows them, their families, their struggles.. it's an interesting dynamic to observe. She honestly cares so much for her fans. I've read their testimonials about how humble she is in person, seen their reactions to her wearing a bracelet or something they'd given her loooong ago. It's really cool. Something really special.

7.) She looooves her brothers. I think it's so funny to see how she reacts (especially to her baby brother Rajad) whether it's telling him to study, or smothering him in kisses as he looks like, "whhyyyy?" .. I totally get it! I'm the same way with mine. LOL

8.) Her "clap back" is MONSTROUS! Listen, if you want to come for doesn't matter who you are, if she replies to you, just be prepared. She hands READS out!!!!!

9.) She's a mush behind that bad gal persona. We've seen Rih open up a lot this year to let the world get a glimpse of her sensitivity. She always comes off as this bad ass woman, but really she's a woman with feelings like the rest of us.

10.) She has the most adorable little dog named Oliver! He's perfect!

11.) She really likes Pastor Joyce Meyer.. yep.. you wouldn't assume that, but Rih's known to share her inspirational tweets daily.

12.) She reads daily devotionals (written by Pastor Meyer)

14.) She loves Michael Bolton.

15.) She praises God a lot! I know this is another hard one for many to believe because of her public persona, but I've seen Rih comment on the most random IG, twitter posts of fans..with giving glory to God for everything. Whether it's waking up in the morning, or another career milestone. Some people are in the church every day of the week and can't find time to do that..but that's another blog for another day.

16.) She has hot bffs! Listen.. Mel & Lele are just BAD. I've come to see a lot more of them over this past year..and honey.. theres something in the water in Barbados. They are sweet hearts too.

17.) She has bad cars parked in her garage, but can't drive them. I crack up at this! Ma'am get your license  or let me borrow that Porsche!

18.) She gives back a lot. I didn't really know this before last year, but Rihanna is always doing something for somebody. Whether it's donating millions to a cancer treatment center, or heartfelt words of encouragement to fans on IG/twitter who are having a hard time. It's really sweet.

19.) She's always sneaking feels. Yes! If you're a sexy woman standing near Rih.. hide ya body! She's known to compliment you or sneak a touch or two. The photos of her doing so randomly are hilarious!

20.) Rih has a great sense of humor. She makes fun of her own forehead. Everyone knows that Rihanna forehead jokes are always lurking in the minds of people who can't think of anything else negative to say about her. It's been hilarious this year for me to see her participate as to say... me AND my forehead are on point! lol

21.) She- like most of us- is totally in love with Beyonce's beauty. I'll never forget her posting a photo of Bey on IG and saying how the photo killed all of her self esteem.. girl.. we get it. 

22.) If she could be anybody else for one day, she'd be Blue Ivy. A fan asked Rih this question on IG, and  Blue was her answer..and a darn good one at that! lol

23.) She's lowkey obsessed with kids. Yes. The Navy in my timeline are always like, "Hide ya kids!" Rih is always stealing somebody's baby/babies.

24.) She collects really cool art work. Her cousins and bff's have shared a few really adult cartoonish pieces that Rih has in her home. They are funny and of course pieces you'd expect a "bad gal" persona like Rihanna to have.

25.) Last but not least, I've learned this year that Rihanna is human. You may laugh, but there are many people who don't see her as such. Many people see her as an astronomically successful pop star, or as a role model, or a cause, or just a celeb, but I've seen those before. Those are the people who lose sight of who they are at their core, and become whomever the world wants them to be. Rihanna has managed- somehow (I'm sure she'd say by God's grace) to stay strong enough, humble enough, and as Reginae Carter put it in her bday IG post for Rih today.. courageous enough.. to just be who she is- Robyn Fenty from Barbados. 

There is no amount of money that can buy you a sense of self or humility. Even in her moments of joking and excitement about her achievements she's sure to acknowledge the other people who made these things happen. This factor is for me what has given Rihanna staying power and why... I have a feeling that reign won't be letting up any time soon. Happy birthday to Rihanna! We (Richa Tee and I) at wish you many more!


  1. GREAT POST..loved it,and learnt one more thing about her.
    i admire her courage to live life on her on terms,and believe me thats a step in living a happy and fulfilled life.
    and that she has remained humble,warms my heart.
    her interaction with her fans is next to none. happy birthday Rihanna. stay winning!!!

  2. This is a great post! I recently became a DIE HARD Rihanna fan this past year. I've always bought her music, but I feel like I've gotten to know her as a person. No we've never met. She is one of the only celebs that so down to earth and quick to remind us she's a regular person. I respect her for that. May God continue to bless her in everything she does. -A_Kirstin