Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Brown & Symphonic Love Award 11 Lucky Students With Scholarships!

Over the weekend it was Grammy mayhem for most stars. They spent time attending fancy parties, mingling amongst themselves, and of course topped it off by attending music's biggest night. Among the nominated artists celebrating was Chris Brown. He definitely got his share of partying in with the rest of them, but he also made time for something else.

Chris stopped by Debbie Allen's Dance Academy on the part of his Symphonic Love Foundation to award 11.. yes ELEVEN scholarships to the youth there. The kids performed for Chris and Ms. Allen among a few other people who were there, and seemed to absolutely love the idea of Chris stopping by.

Chris' Foundation is an amazing source for young people. In addition to providing scholarships, one visit to the site and you're instantly given a million and one resources for really any issue you may face. The foundation encourages the use of the arts to help enhance life and promote positivity.

The stop by Debbie Allen's studio was just the most recent in slew of stops Chris has made to volunteer his time, energy, and money through his organization. I think it's awesome. Love it! In addition to the monies awarded, Chris vows to mentor the scholars and provide them with opportunities to showcase their abilities! Sweeeeet!

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