Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammys Couple Edition- Which Couple Was Your Favorite?

It's always exciting to see what celebs will show up as couples at the Grammys. This year even Kelly Osbourne had to admit during the Red Carpet pre-show that the talk of the town would be Rihanna and Chris Brown together. Little did we know the two love birds would come and display so much cuteness front and center! While all eyes were on them it was just a cute couples night overall.

You had Jay and Bey being regal, Justin & Jessica being newlyweds, and the infectious John Mayer and Katy Perry who were unable to keep their hands off of one another. You also had Wiz and Amber Rose about to pop, Ellen and Portia having a good time, and staples like Faith Hill and Tim showing us that industry love can in fact work! Love and lust were definitely in the air last night at the Grammy Awards. Once the show was over the couples all hit up various after parties and mingled a bit. If I had to choose a favorite I'd have to admit it was Chrianna last night. Which was yours?

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  1. oh shit i really just fell in love looking at chris and rhianna. its all over them! i pray it works this time with help from friends family and prayer. look at that!