Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyonce- Oprah's Next Chapter (Full video)

Beyonce opened up a bit on Oprah's Next Chapter. It was in preparation for her documentary which premiered just after on HBO. While it was obvious to me that Beyonce was trying to hold out on giving too much away, she still was a little more open than we're used to getting from her. Naturally she'd been preparing this documentary for years, so she couldn't give tooo much away to Auntie O!

Bey explained that her commercial success was great, but left her feeling empty. She touches on her love for Jay Z (and boyyy does she love him), how being a mom has changed her as a person, and she also tells us a little bit about Blue Ivy's personality.

Bey was gorgeous and casual for the sit down, but turned it up a bit just after for the premiere screening of her Life is But a Dream documentary. I'm sure fans and maybe just onlookers as well, feel that after tonight they know a little more about the phenom who has managed to keep her personal life so private!

Check out her full interview with Oprah below.

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