Thursday, February 21, 2013

#OhhhhBaby Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Welcome New Baby Boy!

I'm so excited! I just love babies!!!! Finally after what seemed to be a 38 month long pregnancy, the beautiful Amber Rose delivered a healthy little boy today.

Daddy Wiz couldn't hold his excitement as he instagrammed a photo of himself all surgically suited up to welcome his new baby boy into the world. It seems neither could wait to introduce him either. In this present social media day & time, both parents took to their twitter accounts soon after to tell us the name that they've kept secret for so long...

...........Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is his name and check out how cool he is.. he's already being called- "The Bash"! Hahahaa so cool. I'm sure Amber and Wiz are going to be great (and way groovy) parents! Congrats to them on their new bundle of joy & now for the pictures!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Rihanna We Celebrate with 25 Things you May Not Know about The Superstar

It's RihDay! Yep.. today is the birthday of our girl Rihanna. Though I have not been closely following her career for that long, I really can't believe she's just 25! Considering all of the success she's already had, it's hard to think that a 25 yr. old is already running with the big dogs of music history.. but she is.

Not only has Rihanna's reign overshadowed many others in music, but she just premiered her collaborative line with fashion house River Island at London Fashion Week this past weekend. Crazy right!? If that weren't enough, MAC announced today that they have "partnered" with Rihanna for a new line of cosmetics called Riri Woo an ode to Rih's favorite color of the famous brand's lip wear- Ruby Woo.

So yea, Rih's on your radio, your movie screen, your back, your mouth, everywhere really.. but do you think she's just a huge pop star in her own little world? I know people who do.

Well, for her birthday we're gonna list 25 random fun facts that I've learned about Rih this year. This post isn't for the Navy.. I'm sure you all know this stuff already. This is for the other people who feel they've already got Badgal Riri figured out. Some of what I've learned this year may surprise you. Check our list out below.

1.) Rihanna is a prankster. She's known to pull a fast one on you. BTS footage of her concert DVDs show her in action. It's really sad what she does to people, but it's sooo funny! Chewed gum in jeans?! Come on Rih!

2.) She's still learning to like Sushi. Random, but had to share this one because I love it SO much!

3.) She hugs and kisses her cleaning lady. Rih's gal pal Evelyn Lozada just revealed in an interview that people probably have a huge misconception about who Rih really is. She went on to say that she's one of the kindest people to everyone- "she even hugs and kisses her cleaning lady." I thought that was cute and revealing.

4.) She loves the ph word.

5.) Bob Marley is her boo thang.

6.) Rih's fans (Navy) are her friends. More than ever this year I've learned the magic behind Rihanna's success. Outside of working tirelessly, she has the most special relationship with her fan base. She talks to them via social media daily, knows them, their families, their struggles.. it's an interesting dynamic to observe. She honestly cares so much for her fans. I've read their testimonials about how humble she is in person, seen their reactions to her wearing a bracelet or something they'd given her loooong ago. It's really cool. Something really special.

7.) She looooves her brothers. I think it's so funny to see how she reacts (especially to her baby brother Rajad) whether it's telling him to study, or smothering him in kisses as he looks like, "whhyyyy?" .. I totally get it! I'm the same way with mine. LOL

8.) Her "clap back" is MONSTROUS! Listen, if you want to come for doesn't matter who you are, if she replies to you, just be prepared. She hands READS out!!!!!

9.) She's a mush behind that bad gal persona. We've seen Rih open up a lot this year to let the world get a glimpse of her sensitivity. She always comes off as this bad ass woman, but really she's a woman with feelings like the rest of us.

10.) She has the most adorable little dog named Oliver! He's perfect!

11.) She really likes Pastor Joyce Meyer.. yep.. you wouldn't assume that, but Rih's known to share her inspirational tweets daily.

12.) She reads daily devotionals (written by Pastor Meyer)

14.) She loves Michael Bolton.

15.) She praises God a lot! I know this is another hard one for many to believe because of her public persona, but I've seen Rih comment on the most random IG, twitter posts of fans..with giving glory to God for everything. Whether it's waking up in the morning, or another career milestone. Some people are in the church every day of the week and can't find time to do that..but that's another blog for another day.

16.) She has hot bffs! Listen.. Mel & Lele are just BAD. I've come to see a lot more of them over this past year..and honey.. theres something in the water in Barbados. They are sweet hearts too.

17.) She has bad cars parked in her garage, but can't drive them. I crack up at this! Ma'am get your license  or let me borrow that Porsche!

18.) She gives back a lot. I didn't really know this before last year, but Rihanna is always doing something for somebody. Whether it's donating millions to a cancer treatment center, or heartfelt words of encouragement to fans on IG/twitter who are having a hard time. It's really sweet.

19.) She's always sneaking feels. Yes! If you're a sexy woman standing near Rih.. hide ya body! She's known to compliment you or sneak a touch or two. The photos of her doing so randomly are hilarious!

20.) Rih has a great sense of humor. She makes fun of her own forehead. Everyone knows that Rihanna forehead jokes are always lurking in the minds of people who can't think of anything else negative to say about her. It's been hilarious this year for me to see her participate as to say... me AND my forehead are on point! lol

21.) She- like most of us- is totally in love with Beyonce's beauty. I'll never forget her posting a photo of Bey on IG and saying how the photo killed all of her self esteem.. girl.. we get it. 

22.) If she could be anybody else for one day, she'd be Blue Ivy. A fan asked Rih this question on IG, and  Blue was her answer..and a darn good one at that! lol

23.) She's lowkey obsessed with kids. Yes. The Navy in my timeline are always like, "Hide ya kids!" Rih is always stealing somebody's baby/babies.

24.) She collects really cool art work. Her cousins and bff's have shared a few really adult cartoonish pieces that Rih has in her home. They are funny and of course pieces you'd expect a "bad gal" persona like Rihanna to have.

25.) Last but not least, I've learned this year that Rihanna is human. You may laugh, but there are many people who don't see her as such. Many people see her as an astronomically successful pop star, or as a role model, or a cause, or just a celeb, but I've seen those before. Those are the people who lose sight of who they are at their core, and become whomever the world wants them to be. Rihanna has managed- somehow (I'm sure she'd say by God's grace) to stay strong enough, humble enough, and as Reginae Carter put it in her bday IG post for Rih today.. courageous enough.. to just be who she is- Robyn Fenty from Barbados. 

There is no amount of money that can buy you a sense of self or humility. Even in her moments of joking and excitement about her achievements she's sure to acknowledge the other people who made these things happen. This factor is for me what has given Rihanna staying power and why... I have a feeling that reign won't be letting up any time soon. Happy birthday to Rihanna! We (Richa Tee and I) at wish you many more!

Man accused of slapping toddler on plane loses job

An Idaho executive charged with slapping a toddler on a Delta Airlines flight has been fired from his job, the former employer confirmed in various news reports. The news sent shockwaves through the social media world, enraging parents - especially mothers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In WTH news- Mississippi Finally Officially Bans Slavery.. in 2013

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. -13th Amendment

Now I'm not sure if this is funny or not just yet. I'm having a weird day, but this is all a little silly to me. We all know, well I hope we know.. that the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery. The above amendment is simple, to the point, and very easy to understand. What I can't understand is how Mississippi has managed to go 150yrs without ratifying it, and how everyone is calling that a mishap. I'd be amazed to learn of how many of these "mishaps" exist across the country.

Let's be clear. By 1865 the majority of our 36 states (at the time) had adopted the amendment. The last to do so?? You guessed it- Mississippi, and get this.. that was in 1995!!! I know, it get's more interesting. So, after a state adopts an amendment, they must do the groundwork to notify the Feds and make this whole formal acceptance or whatever. Well, Mississippi somehow never sent their resolution to the Office of Federal Register, which to say the least meant that their ratification was not official.

It wasn't until a Professor from Mississippi Medical Center, Ranjan Batra got a little curious after seeing the Lincoln movie, that this travesty was brought to better light. Unbelievable actually. 150 yrs. later and somebody just happened to be nosy enough to investigate the most segregated and racist State over our country's history to find... they haven' t abolished slavery! The sad part is I have to ask myself if I'm surprised...I'm not.

What happened you asked? Well, they sent the paper work over to the Feds and once it was officially filed... the director of the Federal Register sent Mississippi a notification that it had officially ratified the 13th Amendment- on February 7, 2013. Ridiculous.


Clive Davis Comes Out in New Memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life- Are you surprised?

In what is a surprising confession to some (and not such a secret to others), record mogul Clive Davis opens up about his sexuality in new memoir. His book, The Soundtrack of My Life reveals a lot of things about his personal and professional life. As one of the most recognizable names in the business- responsible for some of the biggest acts of all time (Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen,  Alicia Keys, & more), Clive Davis has always been known as a straight shooter. Now we know, that was just in business.

Clive reveals toward the end of the book that his first sexual encounter was with a man during the historic Studio 54 era. It's during this time that a drunken night led to him engaging in sexual activity with an unnamed man:
On this night, after imbibing enough alcohol, I was open to responding to his sexual overtures.
Clive admits that this encounter was "welcome relief" for him. He goes on to discuss that since then he's carried on numerous relationships with men, some lasting years. Clive opens up about carrying on numerous relationships simultaneously with men and women. He's also clear that his relationships with one of his sons was really affected by his coming out. Clive reveals it took a while for him to repair it.

To no surprise Clive's sexual life is not the only thing he openly discusses. Davis also devotes a whole chapter to Whitney Houston. He discusses in detail his personal intervention attempts and how worried he was for her. He recalls how he felt when he got the call that she'd passed away in the hotel of his annual pre Grammy party just hours before it was set to begin. Surely the two impacted each others lives in a way no one else could have.

Well, Clive Davis is 80 yrs. old. I say, he can reveal whatever he wants about himself at this point. I personally don't care to have to read about Whitney's struggles much, but I know that's just me. I'm sure most people expect him to discuss that- so he did. This is all still interesting. Clive Davis is bisexual. Wow.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyonce- Oprah's Next Chapter (Full video)

Beyonce opened up a bit on Oprah's Next Chapter. It was in preparation for her documentary which premiered just after on HBO. While it was obvious to me that Beyonce was trying to hold out on giving too much away, she still was a little more open than we're used to getting from her. Naturally she'd been preparing this documentary for years, so she couldn't give tooo much away to Auntie O!

Bey explained that her commercial success was great, but left her feeling empty. She touches on her love for Jay Z (and boyyy does she love him), how being a mom has changed her as a person, and she also tells us a little bit about Blue Ivy's personality.

Bey was gorgeous and casual for the sit down, but turned it up a bit just after for the premiere screening of her Life is But a Dream documentary. I'm sure fans and maybe just onlookers as well, feel that after tonight they know a little more about the phenom who has managed to keep her personal life so private!

Check out her full interview with Oprah below.

See Rihanna Premiere Her Line with River Island At London Fashion Week (Video)

In light of their launch this year Rihanna & River Island just premiered their collaborative collection at London Fashion Week. The house appeared to be packed with media, supermodels, designers, and fans alike- all ready to see what Rihanna came up with. Now you can see the full ad campaign photos below featuring models Jourdan Dunn, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Charlotte Free, Ataui Deng and Tao Okamoto!

The line is very simple. It includes a few dresses, skirts, some swim wear, blouses, jackets, shoes.. lots of staple pieces. There are a couple of really casual looks and some that were really sexy as well. I personally saw a few pieces I'd rock, but was more so pleased with the overall wear-ability of the line.

Though the models were all very small-no matter what shape, size, style of a woman you are, you can surely find something to wear in this collection. Plus ladies if you're curvy like me- just imagine the justice your body is gonna do to some of those simple looks!

Rihanna came out at the end looking really cute in a fitted black mini to salute the crowd! The general consensus from fans on twitter - they liked it a lot, and are so proud of Rihanna. I think, as Rih put it-  she designed  clothes she'd love to wear for different occasions. The line showcased many pieces we have actually seen her wearing, we just didn't know they were River Island yet. Stay tuned for more information on when you can get your favorite piece. I have my eye on that striped black/white number!

Peep the full show below. P.S. The music is definitely Rated R- no pun intended!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Finally! New photo of Blue Ivy Carter!

We have been waiting to see this adorable face! All I can say is Jay told the truth when he said, "I saw a pinch of Hov..a whole glass of Bey!" She's sooooo cute! Hello Blue!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

#HappyValentinesDay New Video: Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z- Suit & Tie

Just in time for Valentine's Day JT & Jay Z drop their video for JT's first single in years. He's already shown out on the Grammy stage this past weekend with a crazy performance, now check out the David Fincher directed visual below.

The black and white video captures the long time friends in a 1940s type juke joint performance with a bit of a present day twist. This is another one for the grown  lovers out there. Check out the video below. JT's new album The 20/20 Experience is set to drop March 18th and according to Justin it's the best work he's ever done!

Aww Congratulations!! Tamar Braxton is Expecting!!!!

About a week ago I received an anonymous tip via email that reality star and Braxton sister Tamar is expecting her first child with husband, music mogul Vince Herbert. While I'm usually slow to report things like this, I did want to do some investigation. So, I reached out to a couple of industry people, who were all hush hush about it (as they should be), but that was my first sign that maybe juuuuuuust maybe it's true. IF I'm right.. you heard it here first!

Then last night Tamar appeared on BET's 106 & Park and in a joking manner I decide to tweet the question, "Is Tamar showing yet?". I immediately got responses from fellow tweeters who felt she waaaas looking a little round in the mid section. One quick search on twitter and I found that many people who were viewing the show were asking if she is expecting.

So, with that said, I'm going to just go out on a rare limb and say congratulations to Tamar and Vince!! I know some people are like.. "oh her career is just picking back up", but she'll be fine.. life happens! Tamar and Vince became household names when they began their reality show a couple of years ago.

Check her performance of her hit, Love & War + her interview on 106 below where she talks about her date nights and how romantic her husband still is. Even the host had to admit that Tamar is looking rather "vibrant"! You check it out and see for yourself if you think she has a baby coming! I'm just going to say mhmmm..... congrats girl!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner presumed dead

America has been enthralled in the manhunt lasting for days for a revenge-seeking ex-cop, Christopher Dorner. Police have searched high (literally, in mountain peaks) and low, using every technique possible including bloodhounds and high-tech helicopters. Dorner did so well hiding among them, holed up in a vacation cabin across from a command post.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Brown & Symphonic Love Award 11 Lucky Students With Scholarships!

Over the weekend it was Grammy mayhem for most stars. They spent time attending fancy parties, mingling amongst themselves, and of course topped it off by attending music's biggest night. Among the nominated artists celebrating was Chris Brown. He definitely got his share of partying in with the rest of them, but he also made time for something else.

Chris stopped by Debbie Allen's Dance Academy on the part of his Symphonic Love Foundation to award 11.. yes ELEVEN scholarships to the youth there. The kids performed for Chris and Ms. Allen among a few other people who were there, and seemed to absolutely love the idea of Chris stopping by.

Chris' Foundation is an amazing source for young people. In addition to providing scholarships, one visit to the site and you're instantly given a million and one resources for really any issue you may face. The foundation encourages the use of the arts to help enhance life and promote positivity.

The stop by Debbie Allen's studio was just the most recent in slew of stops Chris has made to volunteer his time, energy, and money through his organization. I think it's awesome. Love it! In addition to the monies awarded, Chris vows to mentor the scholars and provide them with opportunities to showcase their abilities! Sweeeeet!

Solange Knowles Covers FADER (Behind the Scenes) Video

Gosh this woman is so beautiful. Her music is groovy, her style is impeccable. She's easily one of the hottest stylistas in the game. I just adore her!! In her latest cover she poses for FADER magazine. Solanges exclusive with the magazine shines a light on her lengthy career and the obvious (And annoying) comparisons to her big sister Beyonce.

Solange opens up about her struggles with the politics of the industry and how she decided to deal with it- by not dealing with it. Solange has etched out her own groove that seems quite natural. Her music is as cool as her name, as her fashion sense, as her writing style. It's often referred to as hippy music as it captures the groove left by most in the 60s, 70s, & early 80s.. way before Solange's time, only Solange is an old soul. She delivers these grooves as if she was there.

Her first single Losing You  from her recent True EP caused an explosion on twitter the night it dropped. No one could deny how good her music felt, just as it's getting harder to deny how authentic her style is. FADER captures all of that in their exclusive with her. Check out some behind the scenes footage below.

While the world is waiting on her to be Beyonce, she's happily and quite perfectly being Solange. We definitely need a Solange!


New Video: Promise - What You Want

After releasing What You Want as her debut single from her highly anticipate album dropping this year, singer/songwriter Promise has finally released the single's visual. The sexy songstress teamed up with TelFair Houston and Stainless Productions for the shoot.

Promise made sure to give the ladies a little eye candy in the video which is always a plus. The video captures Promise performing in a barber shop among other places, and ladies you KNOW the barber shop keeps a couple lookers on hand! Don't worry fellas.. she didn't leave you guys out.

This single is definitely GROWN and sexy, and the visual mirrors that. It's one of those records the DJ drops when he wants to slow things down & turn things up a bit. The bass in this CRAZY! I love a heavy hitting slow jam.

Promise is fresh off of her film debut in Joyful Noise, and while currently still working on her album-she continues banging out live shows as well! Needless to say you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more of her this year. Check out her hot new video for What You Want below & stay tuned for Promise!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Official Video! Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko - Stay

Today Rihanna and team released this beautiful video for her single Stay ft. Mikky Ekko. This song has captivated listeners since the moment the album dropped. The world would soon find that Rihanna was just as captivated by the Ekko penned tune as she began to perform it flawlessly. It's great to see such a "bad gal" let the world into her vulnerable side every now and then.

 Rih's performances of Stay have been nothing short of heart grabbing, emotional tributes to some love she shares with someone-obviously. The girl has been delivering this song in such a special way. She may be one of the biggest stars we've ever seen, but at the end of the day, she's still a woman.

When asked about the video she said that it was very simple- just her & Mikky & a bath tub (and our minds go wandering...). To see the visual come to life is just as emotional as Rih's performance on the record. It's soul baring.

The beautiful Rihanna is bare faced & bodied in the bath tub going through one of those moments we all can identify with- missing someone we love. Gosh this girl is easy on the eyes and her tattoos are just perfectly placed.

The video was directed by Sophie Muller. Rihanna's latest album Unapologetic is in stores now-gettt it.

Today is the Day to Celebrate Whitney Houston & Brandy! Check out this Adorable Video of them together!

Today is bittersweet for me. One year ago today my biggest musical inspiration passed away. It broke me to the core. It was almost like I'd known Whitney personally. I grew up as many of you did listening to her, watching her, wanting to be her, and sound like her. She was so gorgeous, talented, spiritual, and just all of the things that make up a legendary woman. 

That was the bitter- now for the sweet. You all most likely already know how I feel about Brandy. She is all sorts of my favorite artist and just a beautiful person. It's ironic that she too was so highly influenced by Whitney, and I come to figure that maybe she is my favorite by default?? Whatever the reason- I absolutely adore her. Well, today though saddened by the loss of one iconic voice, thanks to Brandy we can add the sweet to the bitter and celebrate another. It is also Brandy's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may recall Bran's last album being titled Two Eleven to commemorate Whitney and celebrate her own birthday. It has to be hard for Brandy to have lost her Godmother on her birthday in such a way, but I'd be willing to bet that she is SO proud (as I am) of the work Brandy has put in since. She is definitely carrying on her legacy in a beautiful way. To celebrate both of them I found this old video I watched a long time ago of the two behind the scenes of their Cinderella Remake ( I LOVE that movie as you can imagine. :) ).

I hope you enjoy this cute video as much as I do. Salute to two of the most talented women to ever EVER do it- Whitney Houston (RIL) and Brandy (Happy Birthday!!!) 

Grammys Couple Edition- Which Couple Was Your Favorite?

It's always exciting to see what celebs will show up as couples at the Grammys. This year even Kelly Osbourne had to admit during the Red Carpet pre-show that the talk of the town would be Rihanna and Chris Brown together. Little did we know the two love birds would come and display so much cuteness front and center! While all eyes were on them it was just a cute couples night overall.

You had Jay and Bey being regal, Justin & Jessica being newlyweds, and the infectious John Mayer and Katy Perry who were unable to keep their hands off of one another. You also had Wiz and Amber Rose about to pop, Ellen and Portia having a good time, and staples like Faith Hill and Tim showing us that industry love can in fact work! Love and lust were definitely in the air last night at the Grammy Awards. Once the show was over the couples all hit up various after parties and mingled a bit. If I had to choose a favorite I'd have to admit it was Chrianna last night. Which was yours?

Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, The Bob Marley Tribute- The HOT Grammy Performances

Last night's Grammys definitely featured some great performances, and one or two not so great ones, but thats to be expected. From Justin Timberlake's amazing return to the stage to the epic Bob Marley tribute featuring Sting, Bruno Mars, Ziggy & Damien Marley, and Rihanna that got EVERYBODY on their feet and dancing- the stars came out to shine last night.

Some of you may have missed a few performances so, just for you I've dug them up and posted them below! Which was your favorite of the night?

Bob Marley Tribute

Video Bruno Mars Sting Rihanna Marleys Bob... by dm_5118ca9ddce82

Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z

Video Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z performs... by dm_5118ca9ddce82

Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

Rihanna performs Stay 2013 Grammys by dm_5118ea58b33d8

Kelly Clarkson

Video Kelly Clarkson Tribute to Patti Page 2013... by dm_5118ca9ddce82

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean 2013 Grammys performance by dm_5118ea58b33d8

Grammys 2013 via Instagram- Did your post make my faves list?!

The Grammy Awards is obviously the biggest awards event in music. Last night's show continued in the tradition of great music and appearances. The night featured the return of the dashing Justin Timberlake to the stage with an EPIC performance ft. Jay Z, a very happy (maybe tipsy) Kelly Clarkson singing her tail off, Jayonce front row looking amazing, and yep.. the couple that everybody was watching Chrianna- front row as well.

Per usual twitter and Instagram followed the ceremony's every move. Fans and celebrities took to their social media outlets to discuss fashion, performances, and love lives last night.  In place of the usual fashion post I'd have up, I wanted to share with you guys some of my fave Instagram posts that appeared in my timeline last night. I follow some of these people and others were "liked" into my feed, but either way- theyre pretty cool!

You get to see some really hot fashion (Kelly Rowland's DRESSS!!!),  cool attendees, and your fave celebs hanging out. As stated, Chrianna easily took over my Instagram and twitter feed with everyone from The Game to Vh1 not being able to resist how adorable they were together last night. Check out my fave IG posts from last night.. maybe just maybe one of your posts is down there!