Monday, January 7, 2013

Rihanna Gets a New Look & Is Spotted Out With Her Love!

Over the course of Rihanna's impeccable career there have been a few consistencies. Rih will have a hit song on the radio, she will slay the fashion scene, and she will be holding hands somewhere with her lifelong bff photographer Melissa Forde.

Thanks to IG and such, we can determine that the two have been spending some time apart to be with their other BFFs (wink) over the holidays. It seems the universe is a bit off set when they aren't together. Even Rihanna reached her breaking point on IG yesterday telling Mel that her boo had had her to himself for too long and that she needed to get her behind home! Of course this was said in a waaaaayy more colorful manner.

Looks like Mel is finally back as she and Rih were seen out in Hollywood together last night. I spotted a few pics of them on Just Jared. Yep, that's Rihanna rocking her new look. Can we discuss how Rih just switched it up again? Werrrk ma'am! Do you dig her new look?

Good to see them back into trouble together..isn't that what we love about our bff's?

Rih is preparing to kick off her Diamonds Tour this year. Her latest album Unapologetic is crazy and the sales /charts are proof! I have a feeling this tour is going to be a special one for her.

P.S. Mel is just BAD to me... I mean....

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