Thursday, January 24, 2013

#PressPlay: Tboz - Champion

The deep and intriguingly robotic voice we all loved from TLC is back. T-Boz just released her debut single as a solo artist. The song- Champion is very personal for the mother who has overcome so many obstacles in her personal life and career.

T-Boz has recently resurfaced with a hit reality show- Totally T-Boz that gives fans an inside look at her life overall. T-Boz is shown being a mother and working out the kinks of her career to launch as a solo artist. The choice to release Champion as the first single is great considering the theme of the show.

Check out the record below and be sure to get it from iTunes! Proceeds from sales will be donated to sickle cell and leukemia research! I'm happy for T-Boz!


  1. she need to sit down somwhere

    1. Whatever, she sounds great and has been through a lot as Kay just said. I like her new song! I'm rooting for her. I wonder if Chili will be on this album at all.