Friday, January 11, 2013

Karrueche's Exclusive Rolling Out Trailer (video)

Wow. So Rolling is really giving the drama with this exclusive on Karrueche Tran. She hasn't said much outside of a few subliminal tweets, instagram posts, and such-that we assume are about her situation with Chris Brown. For years she's sorta just rode the wave low key. With his recent public reconnection with Rihanna- Karrueche is in the spot light more than ever.

She sat down with Vibe a few days ago to talk about how she's been on a "roller coaster" for a while now and how she's not happy with her love life, but she understands it could be worse.  She admits that she and Chris will probably always be friends and that she'll always love him (sound familiar) but that they are business partners with her upcoming line- The Kill. It was set to drop on 12.12.12 but has been postponed.

I'm not sure when the next date is, but I know she's riding the publicity wave while it's hot and getting her interviews in. Even if under the guise that  it's about her clothing line- we all know why people want to hear from Karrueche. She's about to grace Rolling Out's cover and in the below trailer you get to see her speak on her fashion choices in the shoot.

While I'm not really feeling this all black look, we all know again that fashion has little to do with these magazine interviews. People want to know about why she hasn't, "walked away" as she claimed she was going to do when Chris and Rih first stepped out together. They want to know how she manages to stay even linked to a man who has publicly returned to the woman everyone assumed he'd return to. A woman people assume he never actually got over,  a woman  has been fearless in declaring her love for him despite the public backlash.

People want to know how much gut Karrueche has to have to stick around in such a situation that makes her look like she'll take anything. A situation that is only benefitting to her financially as far as the public is concerned. My mind tells me that this situation is far from over. I personally have steered clear of it because it's SO exhausting!!!!!!!!!! We can all say what we would do, but I know from experience the impossibility it is to walk away from someone you think you love..

On the flip side.. I'm also sure most of us would agree..we wouldn't take this much for anyone.. unless there is something major.. major to benefit from it. In Karrueche's case.. she seems like a really sweet girl who is willing to take whatever for whatever that benefit is. I just hope she never looks back and regrets any of it. Check out the Rolling Out Trailer below.

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