Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joe Budden & Tahiry Speak on Him Hiding Under Her Bed

The Joe Budden/Tahiry saga is ongoing. This morning they both popped up on the Breakfast club to shed some more light on exactly whats going on between them. The on and off again couple is supposedly donezo according to Tahiry. Their relationship was something special from the beginning though. They seemed to have really been in deep. Now, that is over if you ask Tahiry. They, "aren't even friends right now." according to her.

It doesn't seem that way from Joe's point of view, even though he is clearly boo'd up with someone else. I just don't believe his "platonic" comments. On last night's premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York it was clear that the two still have contact with one another even though they have "moved on". According to Tahiry, she definitely cares for Joe, but doesn't see him growing up. She expressed that she was concerned about his drug use (that he admitted to this morning), but that her concern wasn't because she wants a relationship with him.

Tahiry also was sure to make it clear that she's close with his mom. Anytime a woman is in good with moms it's harder to replace her. I like Tahiry. She told her side of the story like, this is what it is. Joe is interesting. I like him a little more though being able to actually see and hear him outside of his music. Their relationship is interesting. The dude hid under her bed! He still has keys to her place... I'm just saying................. Check out their interviews below.

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