Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's HERE! #NewMusic Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z Suit & Tie

Well, if you couldn't wait until tomorrow for Justin Timberlake's return you don't have to wait any longer! His musical comeback has landed on iTunes already and to much of our excitement. Justin Timberlake's musical hiatus has been one of the most talked about among pop/r&b fans.

JT set the bar really high with  hit after hit a few years ago. Fans have campaigned and begged for him to come back for years. Instead, he made other business moves and got married.

To much of our oblige, he is finally back and with a bang. Suit & Tie features his longtime friend and collaborator my fave Jay Z. It's a really grown and fresh record! The song is reminiscent of something you'd expect from JT & Hov. It's for the Grown and sexy!

 Check it out below & get Suit & Tie on iTunes!! Do you dig JT's big return record?!

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