Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Did Kanye and Kim REALLY buy this $11 Million mansion together?

According to TMZ... yes. The site claims to have information from a "source close to the couple" that they purchased and have started remodeling this huge living space in preparation for their new baby. No word has come out about a wedding or marriage, but these two definitely seem to be in it for the long run in one way or another.

The 14,000 sq. ft. home is being loaded with everything the popular couple would need and wayyyyy more. It reportedly has a full hair and makeup salon, bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pool, gym, and more! I'm sure Baby Kimye's headquarters will be decked out too.

While people seem to think of them as two of the most attention seeking celebrities we've seen, it appears that they aren't carrying that over into parenthood. The two have reportedly already turned down multi million dollar offers for pics of the baby once he or she arrives.

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