Monday, January 28, 2013

Chris Brown in the Studio with Sevyn, Mario, Eric Bellinger for New Album "X" (Photos)

Sorry the quality is a bit low- it's from someones phone, but you get the picture anyway. This morning Chris Brown was in the studio with some pretty amazing talent. I always talk about how hype I am for his CBE artists to really drop because they are all so talented, and I'm really glad to see Sevyn (girl on left) not making me have to eat my words.

Her joint I Like It is doing it's thing on radio and making everybody stop and ask the infamous question- "Yo.. WHO is this?!" .. yep Sevyn is coming to slay your r&b/pop radio stations with her incredible voice and dope pen game. Speaking of her pen game, last night she was in the studio along with singer/songwriters Mario, Eric Bellinger, Rocc Star, and other CBE artist Sabrina putting magic together for Chris' new album.

Yessss dude is about to release another album, and sooner than you think. According to sources close to Chris he's banging out like 4-6 songs a night. If you've ever recorded one song, you know how crazy that stat is. His next album will be titled "X" and it's promised to be something special.

I knooowwwwww some of you want me to say something about this whole Frank Ocean thing, but I'm already annoyed by it. What I will say is it's ironic that sources who were there say the whole thing was started by Frank O, but everybody is still ready to demonize Chris. Since I wasn't there and vowed not to be a part of the bash Chris Brown crowd I chose to post about something we know to be fact... dude is cooking up some HEAT! 

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