Friday, January 11, 2013

Brandy Sings Backstage Before Her Show

Bran had a show the other night in New York. Just before show time she was hanging out backstage and struck up one of the most popular spiritual songs known, His Eye is On The Sparrow. Brandy sings from her heart and even through the video you can really feel it. This is reminicent of her bathroom performances we loved so much.


I'm sure the people in the room felt it too. If you listen closely you can hear a few amens in the back. Brandy may be one of the most celebrated voices in r&b but she came from the church like most of us. She hasn't forgotten where her help comes from. Sometimes you've got to just pull away and minister to yourself! Yes Brandy! Sing!!


  1. still waiting on kaes post. stop being biased. she just had an interview out and you know you would blog about any other celebs interview.

    1. Wow. You are extremely pressed about this. As I said in the email I will in fact be posting my thoughts on Karrueche's interview when I am ready. I never feel the need to rush and post anything because you come here for my thoughts that you can get anytime. FYI there have been many interviews that I haven't blogged. Most recently Beyonce's & my favorite artist Brandy. So if I didnt blog them then i SURELY dont blog every celeb's interview.

      With that said Karrueche is not ranked higher than anybody else on this site. When I'm ready to post about her I will. Do your homework before you attempt to tell me about what happens at this URL & stop bringing negativity for no reason. xo