Monday, December 17, 2012

Team Breezy South Africa Show Chris Brown JUST how much they love him (Video)

Oh boy. This is insanity on every floor. Grammy Award winning artist Chris Brown is currently on his Carpe Diem tour. From photos and such it's obvious that he's really living it up on the road.

He's been spotted with lots of pretty women and on location in some extremely beautiful places. He's even been joined by Rihanna on a couple of stops- could it get any better for him? Well you'd think not, until you take this video into full consideration.

Chris loves his fans. Considering all he's gone through in his career they have stuck right by his side. While in Durban, South Africa he visited the biggest mall they had and boy did Team Breezy make him feel welcome. They literally shut the mall down!

The below video shows a smiling Chris Brown walking through hundreds of screaming, crying, and reaching fans as they chant his name.

I'm not sure if Chris has gotten this type of reception to this magnitude in a while. He was obviously very very happy to see how much they love him in Durban.

Chris has been delivering incredible show after show on this tour. His latest album Fortune is nominated for a Grammy. He has millions of adoring fans. Things are looking up for him. I'm glad.

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