Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#PressPlay: Jhene Aiko- Mirrors

Jhene Aiko is staying true to the same Jhene I interviewed months before she got her deal. Her music feels the same and her messages are still consistent. In this newly released midtempo- she addresses herself in the mirror. The very introspective (she's a Pisces like me) singer/songwriter keeps it all the way real with her reflection. She took to her twitter to introduce the song ...

i wrote a song to sing to myself ... on days like these ... when i look in the mirror and it disagrees ....  ..

The visual is simple but beautiful. Jhene addresses herself in the mirror dressed as a ballerina. Her stern looks and the imagery keep this serious song in perspective. It's all about facing and encouraging  yourself.

Jhene's Souled Out album drops next year.

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