Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over 30 tornadoes reported from Texas to Alabama

Severe Christmas day weather lashed the deep south, bringing about 34 possible tornadoes killing at least three people and severe weather is expected to continue for parts of the east coast. If you're in the path of the extreme weather, stay warm and safe!

A line of storms first pounded Texas then Louisiana and Mississippi. In Mobile, Alabama, a funnel cloud and lightning were reported. The National Weather Service's Severe Storms Prediction Center said more damage is on the way with more possible tornadoes in the eastern portions of North Carolina and northeastern part of South Carolina.

Across the Gulf region, from Texas to Florida, over 280,000 customers are still without power, with 100,000 without power in Little Rock, Arkansas. The last time a number of tornadoes hit the Gulf Coast area around Christmas Day was in 2009. The deadliest Christmas tornado outbreak on record was Dec. 24-26 in 1982, when 29 tornadoes in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi killed three people and injured 32. For more storm photos, click here to go to ABC News.

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