Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#NewMusic Mixtape JoJo- Agape!

A few years ago I posted Jojo's Can't Take that Away from Me mix tape. I played it out. I still play it -it's that good. So, when I heard she was gearing up to release something this year I was happy to say the least. So when I woke this morning to learn she'd given Complex Music a sneak preview I jumped on it!

Jojo has been singing since she was a baby, and her hits are some of the most memorable pop records of this decade so far. If you start singing a line- I'm sure someone around you will be able to finish it. So, why haven't we seen more of her? Well, according to Jojo she is having some serious label issues.

She's maintained  a connection with her fans by releasing these dope mix tapes and song releases. Her latest effort set to be released on 12/20/12..  Agape is turning out to be consistent in that way. It's a more r&b driven mix tape which allows Jojo to really show off her chops. With the smooth raw vibes of this mixtape Jojo is yet again establishing that she is a true talent.

The chic can sing. This has been known from the door. I love this new mix tape and as always I wish her the best. She deserves major backing, but if she doesn't get it- her talent is still undeniable... check out her new mix tape below. Her adorable new rescue dog befittingly named Agape is on the cover... cute right?

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