Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Music - Tamar Braxton- Love and War

Tamar Braxton has finally released her highly anticipated single, Love and War. Tamar lowkey has always been my favorite Braxton vocally. She's become more of  a reality star than an artist in most people's eyes as of late. Tamar was a standout in the reality show featuring her sisters- Braxton's Family Values, and she holds it down in the spinoff Tamar & Vince which highlights her hilarious but devoted life as a wife to music big name Vince Herbert. It was hard for many to even see her making any kind of  a comeback after such a long time away and so many promises to release something.

Last night this single hit the internet and it showcases Tamar's undeniable voice. The ballad is very similar to something Keyshia Cole would do. I'm sure that's what most listeners will think first. It rings very similar to Keyshia's latest jam Trust and Believe. Mega writers/producers Darhyl Camper and Lashawn Daniels definitely gave Tamar something the people want to groove to, and Tamar definitely did her good singin!

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