Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas #NewMusic - Jade Novah Christmas Medley

We fell in love with Jade first in her Beyonce impersonating video as the long lost sister of Beyonce- Keyonce Bowles. Soon after I was introduced to her Diamonds cover then her whole Shades of Jade mixtape pretty much became a part of my everyday playlist.

It's really funny how I came home to Chicago to find that my whole family- 3 yr. old nephew included know and love Jade's music. I was like, "Nobody wanted to tell me?! Cool." So funny.

Jade's back with another treat for fans. She's such a thespian, always incorporating her love of theater with her music, and it works so well. This time she is in full out Christmas mode. Check out her Jade Days of Christmas skit and the incredible Christmas medley of all of your favorite carols at the end.

You can download the medley for free HERE

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