Monday, December 10, 2012

Kim Kardashian's adorable kitten Mercy Dies

This is so sad. We all fell in love with Kim Kardashians adorable new kitten Mercy. Even if you aren't a cat person you can't deny the levels of cute that Mercy was. Kim and her family made sure to keep us up to date with photos and I couldn't help but find a reason to blog them.

Kim announced over the weekend that she was forced to give Mercy away due to allergies. I am all too familiar with that. She gave Mercy to a loving family friend who took very good care of her before Mercy fell ill. Kim took to her website to explain what happened. Come to find out she had a rare stomach cancer and passed away.

It's really hard to lose an animal and even harder to watch them suffer from anything like cancer. I lost my dog Sarabi to the same thing after raising her for 8 years. Animal companionship is so great. May little Mercy rest in peace. Condolences to Kim K.

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