Monday, December 31, 2012

Kanye West Announces He and Kim Kardashian are Pregnant! (Video)

There have been rumors swirling for days that there may be a baby Kimye on the way. Papz spotted Kanye and Kim Kardashian at an OBGYN office and rumors also spread that Kim was suffering from some pretty bad morning sickness. I couldn't help but notice that she's-well they've picked up a few pounds here recently, but hey.. that couldve just been good lovin' weight.

Well, tonight Kanye seemed to put any wonder to rest at his concert! During his set he announced to the crowd,
 "Everybody make  some noise for my babymama Kim Kardashian"
... and the crowd went nuts!

IF the fact that theyre having dates to OB offices and he called her his babymama isn't convincing enough- his GOOD Music artist and long time collaborator  Malik Yusef (Never Let Me Down) immediately took to his twitter account with this cool message:

This isn't surprising at all. The two have been inseparable for months now, and Kim has made it known that she wants a little one. They've definitely grown on me... congratulations to them! Since the announcement just minutes ago the Kardashian family have hit up twitter to express their excitement about the new addition.

What a great way to bring in the New Year! Can you imagine how fly Kanye's baby will be?! 

P.S. Is Kim K still legally married to Kris Humphries...


  1. kim k just came up on that money tho

  2. A trifling mess all around. She married and pregnant by her boyfriend. Get divorced first! He is going to have to wait on her divorce whenever that is. She is no different than Superhead.

  3. I'd rather be a rich trifling mess, than a poor trifling mess sitting on Twitter bored and stalking other folks' lives who don't know I exist. At the end of the day, Kim K can take care of herself and doesn't need any handouts. You may not like her, you may not respect how she rose to fame. But, she holds her own weight and powerful men who aren't insecure will always choose beautiful, wealthy women as partners. Jay chose B. Chris chose Rih. And Ye chose Kim and everybody will deal.