Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna Spend Christmas Together (Photos)

Alright alright! I know I said yesterday that I wouldn't be blogging their every move, and I absolutely won't. It was just that my dm's were blowing up with, "Kayki! Rihanna and Chris Brown are at the game together! Its not on your blog!!!!!" and I truly appreciate the anticipation of me posting about them, but I won't be doing it every single time they are seen together.

What I couldn't do this time around was pass up on just how cute their photos are from yesterday. The two   spent Christmas together in what is technically their first public appearance.

Fans usually have to wait for other fans to twitpic/sneak photos of the two together at an event of some sort, but a Lakers game on Christmas Day is visible to all!

Chris and Rihanna arrived and sat front row right next to the Lakers. They laughed (a lot), talked, and did lots of random touching. It's obvious that Rihanna is totally smitten and loves to touch CB just like old times. Rih looked amazing rocking all black & CB styled on us with his gold capped tooth and hair to match.

Chris may still be getting comfortable with being able to freely hang around Rih... but he was obviously very happy to have her by his side...he couldnt stop smiling. They both immediately hit Instagram after the game to  "like" all of the cute pics of them posted by celeb friends and fans.

There seems to be a lot of positive energy surrounding the two right now. It's beautiful to see two people stand together for what may not seem to be so popular. Who knows where their relationship will go it's an uphill battle from the outside looking in, but the friendship at the very least is undeniably genuine...and a tried and true friend is hard to come by.

Check out a few more of my fave pics of the two below and more on RihannaDaily!


  1. the 4th picture is so funny..they looked genuinely happy and its obvious they had a great time.i doubt they concentrated on the game,seems they were chatting most of the time..everyone deserves to be happy. love all the pictures

    and happy holidays Kayki..

  2. What a gorgeous couple. They seem so genuinely happy to be together. Standing against the constant judging and berating won't be easy but these two have over come so much already. They are good friends and that has kept them in each other's heart and mind. I hope they remember to live for themselves and not by public opinion. I wish them nothing the best.