Monday, December 17, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Drops Restraining Order against Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson (vid)

Who remembers me saying Evelyn spoke way too soon in this situation with ex husband Chad Johnson? Well, I'm just watching this whole thing unfold as I've always known it would. The ex couple  recently divorced after a domestic violence incident. After which Evelyn moved full steam ahead (like immediately) doing interviews, making statements, and appearances.

While I'm not saying Evelyn shouldn't have done those things, I do believe it's all about timing. You need real time to get your emotions and feelings in check before you speak on certain things. People around her probably wanted answers immediately and some times life is not that black and white.

Chad and Evelyn in the days after their incident spend time on twitter subtweeting one another heavily. They often engage in dialogue with fans about each other in a playful manner as well.

It appears that after this morning's court proceedings the two wish to be able to have contact with one another- or at least that Evelyn is no longer afraid of Chad. She asked that the restraining order she had put in place after the altercation be removed.... and the judge granted her request.

Who knows where this will go, but if I had to put my money on it... they'll be back together very soon.

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