Friday, December 28, 2012

Chad Ochocinco Johnson's Sex Tape Drrrrrama Continues

For those of you who were anticipating watching this tape of Ocho & Friends.. you're a day late.

Chad OchoCinco Johnson is having an interesting year in the media. Just recently a sex tape featuring the NFL athelete was leaked on a couple of websites.

Chad's ex wife (and I'm not gonna say estranged because I'm almost certain that they are back/headed back together) Evelyn Lozada hit up her twitter account with fans a few days ago to mock the idea of the tape, and crack jokes on Chad.

Well, it's obvious that Chad and his legal team found none of it funny. They have issued nasty cease and desist letters to the two sites who had his tape up and they were forced to remove it immediately. Johnson even went as far as to contact the FBI because he claims the video was stolen off of a hacked phone.

While his personal interactions have been snatched away from the random people who actually wanted to see them, if you want real comedy and a look into Chad's life- just follow him on twitter.

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