Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BOSS MOVES: Roc Nation Gifts Rihanna A $160,000 Porsche!

When Jay Z signed Rihanna - he signed her in a hurry, knowing that he had SOMETHING on his hands. I'm not too sure that he, or even the seasoned eye/ear of LA Reid knew the magnitude of an artist she'd become over time. Either way Rihanna has made her bosses/labels some real money over the span of her career. 

The Bajan pop princess holds the record for most digital downloads at 47 Million, has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, and has one of the most stable and supportive fan bases that exist.

So when Christmas time rolls around, what do you give the million dollar girl who helps keep your family fed? A brand new car maybe?! Well when you're Roc Nation and Rihanna it can't be just any car.

The fellas at Roc Nation gifted Rih with a brand new 2013- $160,000 911 Turbo S wrapped in a big bow and all! It's cute and it's fly. Rih shared her gift with fans via instagram  last night. It's an extravagant, but well earned gift I'd say.

Now for the real question we're all wondering... does Rih even have her L's here in America?! We know (according to Oprah) that she's a good driver in Barbados, but can she handle the wheel on the other side? I don't know that she can legally drive this insanely dope car just yet.. but we'll see!

Either way it's pretty darn sweet!

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