Monday, November 12, 2012

@UsherRaymondIv Tells His Ex Wife Tameka to Get Out of His Crib -Puts it Up for Sale

The above photo is of Usher's beautiful 6 bedroom, 7 bath mansion here in GA. He once shared this home with his family including his ex wife Tameka Raymond and their children. We just learned that after suggesting that he would, Usher who no longer lives there has put the house up for sale. I really hope this situation isn't as heartless as it appears to be in the media. Just months after Usher was adamant that he wanted his ex wife out of his $3M mansion, he is keeping true to his word. The r&b star put the huge house up for sale last week.

Tameka and Usher just went through a pretty nasty divorce accompanied by the tragic death of Tameka's little boy from another relationship, and Usher being granted full custody of the two sons they share together. Tameka has other children and it appears that she and her children will now have to find somewhere else to live.

 This seems like so much to happen in a short span of time, but friends say Tameka is fine. They say she's her own business woman and doesn't need Usher to give her "handouts". Difficult situation but I guess it is no longer his responsibility to provide housing for her now that they are divorced and his children no longer live there. I'm sure it can be difficult for a man to cut all strings from a woman when he has provided for her in such a huge way. I'm sure it would've been difficult either way he went about it. Wow.


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