Monday, November 5, 2012

The Ku Klux Klan for the Re election of Barack Obama - Seriously

As election season ends and you all run to the polls today, there are more and more twists and turns to be uncovered still. This election has to be one of the most polarizing in years. Some people feeling strong about keeping our current President, Barack Obama in office while others are doing everything they can to sabotage any chances of a reelection for him. While it's no surprise that people like Donald Trump are rooting for Mitt Romney, the latest Obama news suggests that the most interesting supporters have emerged for him.

The Ku Klux Klan in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia are standing together to honor and campaign for President Obama. This is strange, but true. President Obama is mixed half black and half white, the white supremest claim to support the white part of him.

"Barack Hussein Obama has done more for the Democratic Party in his four years in office than all of his Democrat predecessors combined..It is a crime that anyone, particularly a Republican would run against him.  This march is to draw attention to the fact that if anyone but Obama wins this November it will mean the death of America as we know it."
Says Grand Wizard Nero Schwarz. The main reason for this support stems from a history lesson that not many black people today like to engage. The idea that the "Democratic" party is for blacks and the "Republican" party is for whites, is a fairly new concept considering the history of this country. While many people are celebrating their stance let me give you the real reason they're pro Democrat. Grand Wizard Schwarz breaks it down like this:

Those Republicans have been a thorn in our side for a long time -- Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, basically martyred himself to free the slaves. We struggled for years to be heard, but after World War II we helped Democrats oppose the Civil Rights Movement. After Republicans fought back and passed the Civil Rights Act in '64, Democrats had to find more subtle ways to control the minorities. I guess buying votes and making empty promises is a lot less messy than our methods. Whatever works, I say! 
So before you get all excited about this support-understand their underlying beliefs and reasons. They still feel that whites are superior and that minorities should be treated as such. They are pro Obama because of their history of fighting the Republican party and they think the Democratic party is subliminally holding minorities back. I say..when you're making such a controversial stance like this the impact of seeing them hold an Obama sign may be enough to encourage someone to vote for him.

This is why it is so important to engage the political process on your own. This is why I'm frustrated with people wanting to know whether MLK was Republican or Democrat. People-especially Black people are constantly looking for leadership. Unfortunately in politics you HAVE to be your own leader. Know who these people are and what they will do for you and others, make your own decisions in your vote. Though it's rather sticky and I totally disagree with the reasoning........... it is definitely interesting that even the KKK prefers President Obama over Mitt Romney. #BarackTheVOTE


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