Friday, November 30, 2012

Surprise, surprise! @chrisbrown and @rihanna are back on?

Social media sites went ablaze last night when Rihanna posted this picture on her Instagram account with the caption, "@fuckyopictures i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!" It got tongues wagging and people guessing Chrianna is back on like popcorn. Cheers and jeers followed. Were any of you surprised?

Their BFFs including Mijo, Le, and Melissa liked that picture in support of their moving forward with their personal lives together. While Chris and Rih sing "it's nobody's business," this picture does kind of make their relationship our business. Last week, she posted an IG pic of him shirtless, lying in bed. Both of them have posted pictures of similar gold Rolex watches and MCM bags.

Their friendship is back and it seems to be stronger than before. Whether you're happy or disappointed, they are living their lives and are happy in their careers. The naysayers can use this as a lesson to live their own lives and not for anyone else and that forgiveness is vital to mend a broken spirit. And, move on!


  1. Kayki

    Please put your insight and comment on this article

  2. Kay

    I found this article on my home page please comment asap being your writing skills are super great

    1. I have one problem with that article.

      ALL the men mentioned in this article besides Chris Brown and a few mentioned in the comments (sheen, Gibson, Tommy lee Jones, etc) were ALL REPEAT offenders. Sheen and Gibson continue to this day. Brown and Rihanna had one fight (one is more enough) and he has gone on to date not one but two other young ladies, neither of which he has laid or been accused of laying a finger on. I don't absolve Brown of his actions and to be honest no one here including the author of this article or the public knows how remorseful Brown was in private. Just because he didn't seem like he was "sorry" to us doesn't mean he wasn't.

      He has been in therapy for Anger Management since 2010 and continues. Rihanna herself has gone to therapy as like Brown she is a child of an abusive household. She has admitted to having her own anger issues as well. I'm sorry but I do not believe that Brown belongs in the same category as the other repeaters. He hit, he was charged, he has completed ALL that was required of him by the law and he is still working on himself as well as trying to help other children of abuse so that they don't follow his path. I didn't read anywhere that the others have done anything similar. What more does this young man have to do before the world leaves him alone. His crime happened 3 years ago and he has not had another accusation since. He and the comedian got into because she basically stalked him for more than a year, but you didn't mention that. No you are just like the other outlets, writing half of the truth but not the whole. She was a cyber bully and yes Brown could have chosen another way to handle it. I wish he would have but while the world is so quick to judge his response, why not also focus on the reasons behind it. Had he stalked and bulled her (the comedian) the world would have hung him. But her bullying is okay. Her verbal abuse was just fine. His however was over the line. Nice pass we are giving out to the "favored" ones.

      As far as Rihanna and Brown are concerned, it is their relationship, their lives and they are allowed the same rights as we are. They can live the way they see fit making the choices that are right for them. Rihanna said that Chris has changed and that she has seen what he has done and gone through...something we can not say because we weren't there. We preach "Forgiveness" but malign those who give. Nice lesson. I pray that those who judge this young man, never find themselves in need of that same forgiveness they are so unwilling to give.

      funny thing is...Brown and Rihanna are not seeking our approval OR forgiveness. They simply ask that we leave them alone and let them get on with their lives.

  3. Also about this picture I love it