Friday, November 2, 2012

#RihannaNavy I think I've found the BEST @Rihanna Diamonds Cover!

So the other day I blogged this hilarious Beyonce impersonator on the site. I kept getting calls/tweets about how good the impersonation was and questions about the girl who was able to capture Bey so well. I honestly had no clue who this girl was, but I knew she had Beyonce DOWN. Well after I blogged that  video a friend of mine, The Whatley mentioned to me that he was sure that she is a singer and a great one at that.

Ironically the next day someone tweeted me a video of the same girl covering Rihanna's new hit single Diamonds. I've heard a billion and three Diamonds covers to be somewhat let down by them, so I wasn't even going to press play. As a singer/songwriter I can be a hard one to convince. Then I remembered what Dougie said and being that we've worked together for so long musically.. I knew I could trust his opinion, so I pressed play and WOW.

Jade Novah is a Cleveland Ohio native who embodies a natural gift of entertaining. Her name- Jade Novah represents her dual personalities. The Jade being the feminine/positive side, and the Novah being the theatrical, fun loving, and edgy side of the entertainer.

While her face and voice are new to some of us, she's been around for a minute. She's worked with and written songs for the likes of Missy Elliot, Christina Milian, Mya, and more.

Jade is just gearing up to work on her own album though entitled, In  Search of Me, describing it as "Broadway meets R&B" which I can vouch is very befitting after hearing this Diamonds cover. I personally can't wait to hear this album. It's obvious that whether she's acting or signing, Jade Novah is captivating!

The Diamonds track was produced by Mr. Devinaire Devin Johnson and the video was produced by Theshay West! CRAZY!

Check out her mixtape Shades of Jade HERE... and if you LOVE this cover like I do, you can get it for free HERE!  See her video/cover of Rih's jam below!! I think even Rih would agree.. this girl went IN!

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  1. this better than rihannas tbqh i love rihanna version too

    1. NOT better than le Queens but it is REALLY good!