Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rihanna is Unapologetic with No. 1 Single #Diamonds and First No. 1 Album in US

In what seems to be the hardest thing to believe pop princess Rihanna has just learned that her latest release Unapologetic has landed her her very first No. 1 album on US Billboard 200. Yes, Rihanna has had a plethora of number ones in other countries with every release, but that no. 1 spot in America has always seemed just out of reach.

She learned just last week that she's now tied with Madonna with 12 no. 1 singles with the premiere single Diamonds which is still slaying many charts over on Billboard. Today, seemingly to her amazement- Unapologetic has debuted at the no. 1 spot as well. As it stands, she currently has the no. 1 album in US among other countries, and her first single Diamonds is no. 1 on 8 Billboard charts.

According to Hits Daily Double's album sales chart, Rihanna and her Navy managed to sell 238,949 albums in it's first week out. While Billboard hasn't reflected the debut on their site just yet, Rihanna took to her own twitter account to make it official.

In true Rihanna style she uses the F word and thanks her die hard fans off the bat. While one might expect a 24 yr. old apparent bad gal to take this as just another win, she is moved to tears by it. To know that she is still humbled by new accomplishments after she has- broken record after record, sold countless albums, singles, and is by far one of the biggest pop stars of all time, is refreshing.

 I told you all weeks ago that Unapologetic would be her first number one because the snippets proved to be THAT good. Thanks Rih for not making me have to eat my words!

Well as I have ended every career write up about Rih in the past year or so... that Rihanna reign just won't let up!

Congratulations Rihanna and Rihanna Navy!

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