Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rihanna & Her Navy Assist New York Daily News in Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

With a highly anticipated album just nine days away, Rihanna is using her start power in a great way. While in New York, the bright idea arose to allow fans to come to a listening party for what is expected to be one of her greatest albums - Unapologetic. The catch was that they'd get in free with supplies for the people affected by hurricane Sandy that has victimized thousands on the East Coast since it struck last week.

Rih was recently asked in her interview on FB how she felt about what happened and it wasn't until then that she even mentioned her efforts to give back. I totally respect that. It meant to me that it wasn't really about everybody knowing that she was giving back, but it was about helping someone else. Fans showed up with loads of donations as their fave entered Jay Z's 40/40 club rather casual and all smiles.

She greeted fans, took photos, chatted with them.. the pics are all over instagram and twitter as proof.

In an email to the Daily News Rih explained the depth of the problem:
Hurricane Sandy has deeply affected the lives of millions all across the Eastern Seaboard.. many are still without power, heat, ad the basic supplies necessary to rebuild in the aftermath of such a horrific event. Now is the time for us to come together and do whatever we can to aid those in need.
Rih joined in with her fans by contributing a LOAD of sleeping bags which is one of the items people desperately need. What a great way to give back! If you'd like to help the Daily News you may send donations to the address below!

Mail to:
New York Daily News
4 New York Plaza
New York, NY 10004

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