Thursday, November 8, 2012

#NewVideo: @Rihanna Diamonds

The wait is over! Finally fans can watch the much anticipated video for Rihanna's new hit single Diamonds. Just as the album is set to drop (November 19th) Rih is giving fans just what they need to hold them over. The Diamonds video is beautifully shot.

As we anticipated the visual is engaging. It is graceful and fierce all at one time. It seems to me that most of the time Rihanna is dreaming about her love whom she may have lost's definitely a video that you can interpret how you'd like. I liked how the car/lights (her past maybe, love, power, freedom, etc..) were chasing Rih at one point and she was frantically trying to escape it, then.. somehow she was enlightened,stopped running, and wasn't harmed.

The overall theme of the power in being connected to another person/life spoke loudly to me. I think the horses were significant of that idea of power in it restores, replenishes, and can even heal.. I thought that was beautiful as well. As for the fire.. it's obvious from the first full line of the song, "Find light (peace) in the beautiful sea (trials of life) .. I choose to be happy.."  that she's not captive to the chaos around her. The image of her making eye contact with the man who was on fire but not being consumed was powerful too.

I mean, soooo much can be taken from this & yall let my deepness be great tonight! I'm a Pisces everything is deep. LOL

I'm sure you'll have your own interpretation. That's how you know it's a great visual. Also if you haven't get into these snippets from  UNAPOLOGETIC! This is her best album yet!

Also if you missed Rihanna's live interview tonight with Facebook and Andy Cohen check it out below!

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  1. girl kayki u just sent me all the way into my feelings. yes i take ur interpretation. i think u forgot that was supposed to be chris hand she was clingin to.