Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#MotherMary! @Rihanna Scores 12th No. 1 Record With #Diamonds!- Now tied with Madonna

At just 24 it seems that pop star Rihanna should just be getting started with a blazing career right? WRONG. At 24 Rihanna is coming for every record established by the icons before her and well on their heels if she hasn't already surpassed them. Since her hit record Umbrella debuted in 2005 it's been almost impossible for her to release a single that you didn't hear playing everywhere all of the time. The no. 1s started to pour in.

Just moments ago her label's twitter handle tweeted that Rihanna has officially tied with Madonna at 12 no. 1 hit records on Billboards Hot 100 Singles chart with Diamonds which EVERY one seems to love. Rih and Madonna only trail Mariah Carey who currently holds the record with 18 no. 1s.

Her album Unapologetic is just that on the iTunes charts as well. Just released Monday the 19th, the album is looking to be the super artists first No. 1 record in  the US. While that may seem a bit weird for her, it means very little when she's just about broken every other existent industry record known to man in 7 yrs.

Congrats to Rihanna, her Navy, and her whole team. As I watched her greet a few of her fans tonight at Best Buy's Unapologetic release event in NY, it became even more clear to me that her success is not just due to hard work. Rihanna has established a genuine relationship with her millions of fans worldwide. She engages them daily on social media, hugs them like they're her cousins, knows their names, stories, family members, and much more. This type of devotion to them has rendered much devotion to her in return.

 Looks like that Rihanna reign just isn't letting up...just 24.. just 7 yrs. in the game..wow.

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