Monday, November 12, 2012

@KanyeWest and @KimKardashian

Ok. Look how cute are Kimye!? Last night the two attended the EMA awards and were all over each other. They just are adorable. Kim tweeted the above photo yesterday with the caption "my baby", and the pic below of them posing with Psy, the Gangnam Style guy. 

Kanye and Kim Kardashian are sort of making us all start to love this relationship. At first many people were not feeling it too much because it's honestly just weird. If you step back though and think about it, these two make perfect sense. They have a lot in common, whether it be everything from having lost a parent to their love for fly clothing. 

Kimye seems to be here to stay regardless of how people feel. While I'd love for this to work, I've felt that way about all of Kim's relationships so Im done rooting for anybody. I do love to see people together and happy though so as always I wish them the best. Sooooo cute!

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