Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Journalist Elliott Wilson Shares his 777 tour Experience on Angie Martinez "Rihanna toughed it out!" (Audio)

Highly esteemed Hip Hop journalist Elliott Wilson was just one of the 150 media sources lucky enough to be selected to accompany Rihanna on her 777tour last week. From Billboard, to Necole Bitchie..every popular online entertainment media outlet had an invite it seemed. The opportunity that seemed so great to all of us as the tour was set to begin was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. Rih told her guest that she'd take them around the world with her.. 7 shows in 7 countries in 7 days.

Day 1 Rihanna greeted her party plane with "I'm excited! Either you'll love me after this, or you'll hate me!" That comment was all too telling for many of the media who- after day one started to complain. They complained that they rarely saw Rihanna, rarely slept, witnessed the same show every night, were waiting a lot... and so on. No... really, you will find these sentiments published on many of their mainstream sites right now.

I personally and professionally was quite offended by some of the tweets coming from these people on her plane. Maybe the trip wasn't executed to their liking but I didn't understand the problem. Waiting, no sleep, not so great food, man... that's the story of every tour I've ever been on. If you ask me the journalists had the easy part. I never toured as a journalist, I've only toured as the artist or background singer and having to do a show EVERY night AND deal with the schedule is the real deal.

Other journalists who are familiar with the hectic tour life laughed off many of the 777 crews sob stories including CEO of  Ozone Magazine- Julia Beverly who took to her twitter account to share her experiences:

finally reading these journalist reviews from rihanna 777 tour.... hahahaaaa........ I can't stop laughing
I guess I'm a spoiled journalist cuz all the things they're complaining about sound like normal tour life to
Pretty sure I've been on an  7-shows-in-7-countries-in-7-days tour a few times before
On an int'l tour u pretty much should expect the only sleep you'll get is on an airplane
All the journalists complaining that rihanna's set list is the same at every show is funny to me. That's what a tour

Once home, Elliott Wilson stopped by Angie Martinez' popular radio show in NY to share his experience and responses to what everybody seems to think was the most horrible trip EVER- let the media who went tell it. Elliott kept it short and to the point. He's a vet in the game, so maybe he knew more of what to expect than others, but according to him, Rihanna's the one who toughed the situation out. Check out the audio from his interview below.

"Im not mad at her. She did her thing, we got to roll with her, she didn't promise no exclusives or nothing."
He even addressed it on a vlog today!

I guess with all things in life- it's all about your perspective. I still feel the overall reaction of the media was immature and ungrateful. What did they expect? To be sharing bunk beds and pillow talk with Rihanna? Eh I'm inclined to think
"We're all delirious, not getting much Rihanna access, BUT we got a diamond, networking, and a 7 country wide party/concert experience with one of the biggest artists of all time! WOW!!" 
-would've been the appropriate attitude to have, but hey.. I'm just a little entertainment blogger in Atlanta- what do I know about this level of blogging/journalism/life?


  1. i so phuckin agree with him and julia. those journalist were outride rude and didnt deserve to be on that trip with the queen.

  2. That necole broad and others who are complainng about food served and such need to chill the fuck out. she took yall asses around the world! I never been out of my city. Be gratfeul. This why I dont read no other blog but urs!