Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jay Z and @Beyonce Are So Cute Court side! Go Nets!

Oh don't you just love the Carters?! I dooo! They have been seated court side for the majority of the brand new Brooklyn Nets' basketball games. This isn't new activity for the couple, they've been sitting court side at games for years as Jay Z is a huge basketball fan. What's new is that this team and this stadium are both linked to the mega music mogul.

Jay Z has ownership in the Brooklyn Nets and was instrumental in bringing the Barclays Center to his home town of Brooklyn. He put on a huge concert series for it's grand opening and has been on a high about it ever since. It had to be something last night for him to be sitting in his city, watching his team play, in a stadium he helped build, with one of the most beautiful women in the world (Beyonce) by his side cheering as his wife. I'm so here for this!

To make the night most complete the Nets won in overtime against the New York Knicks 96-89.. Jay took to his twitter account which he uses maybe once a month at the most to put it simply:

The city is under new management.

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