Friday, November 9, 2012

@ChrisBrown Talks @Rihanna relationship with Big Boy + Hear Brand New Single "Nobody's Perfect"

Chris Brown and his PR made it very clear that they weren't doing any interviews for 2012. Well it seems as though just as he made a few changes in management by bringing on Def Jam VP Bu Konvict, that has changed. By not doing interviews, Chris was basically leaving his image solely in the hands of everybody else. Interviews- I think, are crucial for connecting with fans and critics as well. I'm glad to see him engaging media again so much!

He went to see Power106 in LA this morning and he was rather candid. He explained that he and Rihanna are the "best of friends", and that his video about being in love with two people was not meant to be understood it was just honestly how he feels. He did get a little flustered in a cute way when Big Boy and the fam mentioned Rihanna and started singing her hit Diamonds. He ultimately feels like people need to just give their personal lives 
"a chance..not even give it a chance, just shut the hell up".
I couldn't agree more with the latter.. people are way too invested in what they can't control and what they know very little about. While the domestic violence incident was very serious and horrible as Chris explains below, it is still VERY little of what we know about the Chrianna relationship.

I think ultimately both Chris and Rihanna (as she explained yesterday in her live chat with Facebook) are just wise enough to keep their personal lives hush right now, and I can't blame them. The whole "we're just friends, but you'll see pictures of us together kissing and hugging" is cute and reminiscent of them in the early days of their relationship the first go around. With that said, it means very little as far as the truth goes. lol I think he wants his fans to remember to focus on his work and let his personal life be his.

Check out what Chris had to say about Rih and check out his brand new single Nobody's Perfect below. The second part of the interview will be Monday morning at 9 am EST. Seems as though Chris is working on his next album already. His next album is possibly named Carpe Diem. I'm still jamming Fortune though! 

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