Tuesday, November 13, 2012

@ChrisBrown talks @Drake brawl, and what exactly did Jay Z say to him at that concert?!

The last segment of Chris Brown's interview with Power 106 & Big Boy aired today. Big Boy asked Chris some pretty tough questions including the infamous "raft" question. He's asked if he was "on a raft and could take only one woman with him to this "smash" paradise, but could only choose between Rihanna and Karrueche who would he pick?". Things get a little intense, that is until Chris Brown gives the most generic and politically correct answer ever:
"I'd take both of them."
Ehhhh ok, thats not going Chris, but good wishful thinking! Rihanna is NOT goin for that. Ha! He also addresses the brawl with Drake's crew as much as he can being that there is some legal stuff happening. For me, the best part was him finally addressing the Jay Z rumors.

It was said that after he was spotted out with Rih at a Jay Z concert that Jay pulled him to the side and threatened to end his career if he hurt Rih again. CB called BS on that and said it was nothing like that... that is not before he shaded the rumor mill runners DOWNE.

He said theres nothing but "respect" between he & Jay and that it was more like, "Whats up.. it's been a minute." Which is exactly what I thought it was. So, no beef there. Jay made clear years ago that Rihanna and Chris were young when everything went down, and I'm sure Rih wouldn't have put Chris into such an uncomfy situation that she didn't know was cool.

It's like showing up to your big bro's house with a guy he hates- who would do that? Thiiiiiink people. As for their musical collaborations he said their latest on Rih's Unapologetic album titled Nobody's Business is really about their situation. He also admits that it was hard for him to stay focused while recording their Birthday Cake Remix.

Chris is currently overseas about to get his Carpe Diem tour popping. Much luck to him on that- the boy gives a killer show.

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