Thursday, November 8, 2012

@CeeLoGreen reportedly met his accuser at Super Bowl

More developments have come in light of sexual assault allegations against rapper/singer/producer/The Voice judge Cee Lo Green. According to TMZ, the woman apparently met Cee Lo at a Super Bowl and the two were dating!

Green and the woman - not yet identified - met in Houston in February and maintained a relationship over the phone and he would fly her out to Los Angeles occasionally. The woman told police Cee Lo slipped a drug into her drink on a date at a L.A. restaurant in July. She said she then woke up naked in bed with Cee Lo. (Hmmmm.) She also alleged he gave her Ecstacy then admitted to it on camera in an apology.

However, Green's sources told TMZ that the pair willingly took X and stayed up all night and no one was unconscious. The sources say the woman was lying because she was seeing someone back in Texas who found out about her relationship with Cee Lo. 

What do you think of this? Is the woman no longer credible? 

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