Tuesday, November 13, 2012

@Beyonce Why You So Perrrrty?! + Album News

Looks like the Beyhive is about to get that work. Queen Bey is currently in the studio cooking something sweet for her devoted hive. Bey is said to be in working with some of the hottest out right now. Singer/songwriter Miguel posted a picture just last month of he and Bey together. She's given her fans hints with a small video showing her in the studio, and the photos on her newly activated Instagram account.

To be honest, I'm currently using this "new album" story to have a legit reason to post the above photo of Bey!! Haha. I think it is flawless and I'm in love with it, so I figured I might as well let yall know something about something if I'm going to just randomly post this picture! LOL! Now that I've gotten that off of my chest..... back to the music.

Bey is said to be working with a few other great talents such as the beautiful Emeli Sande (I am EXCITED about that). The truth of the matter is Bey can work with anybody and it'll be great.. she is just that amazing.
Check out a couple photos of Bey in the yo and the 5 second long video she released to get her hive all swarming.

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