Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#AwwAlert Shakira Shakira! Family Photo Time

The levels of adorable!!!!! The gorgeous Colombian singer is expecting her first child with boyfriend Gerard Pique. She's kept busy during her pregnancy allowing fans to still get a glimpse of the artist they love as she prepares to become a mommy. The Roc Nation artist took to her instagram account today to share this really cute family photo with the caption 
Podría estar 9 meses más así!

Which in translation means, she could do 9 more months of what she's doing! It's great that she's enjoying her pregnancy and personal life among the chaos going on in her professional life. Her ex boyfriend, business manager is suing her for $100 Million! Yes. Antonio de la Rua with whom the Colombian beauty had a 10 yr. relationship with claims he is entitled to that money due to work he put into her career.

I'm sure he was instrumental in her success, but I also think $100 Million is quite a lot for a man who is not really hurting for much. This sounds a bit to me like a lover scorned. In the meantime Shakira seems to be enjoying her new love and waiting on her new baby!

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