Friday, November 30, 2012

Surprise, surprise! @chrisbrown and @rihanna are back on?

Social media sites went ablaze last night when Rihanna posted this picture on her Instagram account with the caption, "@fuckyopictures i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!" It got tongues wagging and people guessing Chrianna is back on like popcorn. Cheers and jeers followed. Were any of you surprised?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Watch Your Mouth! Ryan Leslie Has to Pay Stranger $1M

Ryan Leslie is definitely a little irritated I'm sure. The way our emotions get the best of us is just sickening, Leslie recently fell victim to doing just that.  A couple of years ago a laptop of his was stolen while on tour. In a moment of frustration and desperation, the music mastermind  took to Youtube to beseech anybody to return it to him. As an incentive he promised a reward of $1M for it's return.

Well, the New York Federal Court jury ordered him to keep his word by paying Armin Augustein that million dollar reward for finding the laptop. Leslie originally refused due to feeling Augustein had some involvement in the theft of the computer. He also was taken aback by the findings that the intellectual property on the laptop had been corrupted- thus forcing him to have to record his album again from scratch.

Ryan expressed that the reward was intended for the intellectual property more than just a laptop which he could easily repurchase for a little over 2 grand. Being that the music was missing on it's return he didn't feel obligated to pay Augustein. According to the jury, the reward should still stand. Leslie took to his twitter page to express his frustrations in a very sarcastic way:

As for Augustein, well he's just impressed by America's judicial system.. who wouldn't be after receiving a million dollars? When asked how he felt he replied:
“I’m very happy that the American judicial system, which is so totally different from ours, functioned so well with a jury that are not professionals and are laymen,”

Oh trust me, it's not always correct.

#MissThis? Kanye, Lil Wayne, Diddy Perform at Khaled's Bday Party

DJ Khaled has gained much respect over the years. His tag "We da Best" is one of the most popular sounds in Hip Hop music today. He manages to pull together some of the biggest names for the hottest collaborations. So, when it came time to celebrate his birthday it's no surprise that he brought together some of everybody.  Lil WayneKanye WestDiddy, Birdman, French Montana, Fat Joe, Scott Disick, Ace Hood, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, and more came out.

All of the artists hit the stage together in one mini concert including Kanye's Jesus Walk & Weezy's No Worries. Khaled made sure to thank the Lord in the midst of all his partying. They all looked like they had a great time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HIV hitting America's youth

In advance of World AIDS Day this Saturday (December 1), we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge one of the worst epidemics affecting young people. More than half of young people in the United States who are infected with HIV are not aware of it, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rihanna is Unapologetic with No. 1 Single #Diamonds and First No. 1 Album in US

In what seems to be the hardest thing to believe pop princess Rihanna has just learned that her latest release Unapologetic has landed her her very first No. 1 album on US Billboard 200. Yes, Rihanna has had a plethora of number ones in other countries with every release, but that no. 1 spot in America has always seemed just out of reach.

She learned just last week that she's now tied with Madonna with 12 no. 1 singles with the premiere single Diamonds which is still slaying many charts over on Billboard. Today, seemingly to her amazement- Unapologetic has debuted at the no. 1 spot as well. As it stands, she currently has the no. 1 album in US among other countries, and her first single Diamonds is no. 1 on 8 Billboard charts.

According to Hits Daily Double's album sales chart, Rihanna and her Navy managed to sell 238,949 albums in it's first week out. While Billboard hasn't reflected the debut on their site just yet, Rihanna took to her own twitter account to make it official.

In true Rihanna style she uses the F word and thanks her die hard fans off the bat. While one might expect a 24 yr. old apparent bad gal to take this as just another win, she is moved to tears by it. To know that she is still humbled by new accomplishments after she has- broken record after record, sold countless albums, singles, and is by far one of the biggest pop stars of all time, is refreshing.

 I told you all weeks ago that Unapologetic would be her first number one because the snippets proved to be THAT good. Thanks Rih for not making me have to eat my words!

Well as I have ended every career write up about Rih in the past year or so... that Rihanna reign just won't let up!

Congratulations Rihanna and Rihanna Navy!

Jay Z and @Beyonce Are So Cute Court side! Go Nets!

Oh don't you just love the Carters?! I dooo! They have been seated court side for the majority of the brand new Brooklyn Nets' basketball games. This isn't new activity for the couple, they've been sitting court side at games for years as Jay Z is a huge basketball fan. What's new is that this team and this stadium are both linked to the mega music mogul.

Jay Z has ownership in the Brooklyn Nets and was instrumental in bringing the Barclays Center to his home town of Brooklyn. He put on a huge concert series for it's grand opening and has been on a high about it ever since. It had to be something last night for him to be sitting in his city, watching his team play, in a stadium he helped build, with one of the most beautiful women in the world (Beyonce) by his side cheering as his wife. I'm so here for this!

To make the night most complete the Nets won in overtime against the New York Knicks 96-89.. Jay took to his twitter account which he uses maybe once a month at the most to put it simply:

The city is under new management.

#KayKiConfessions .. I Fell in Love the other day...

..with this song by London bred singer/songwriter Rich King that is. Oh! You guys thought I was about to put my business in the streets? No, but I really have fallen in love with this artist and his music. I was introduced to Rich King via my favorite artist Brandy on twitter. She tweeted a link to his music with so much enthusiasm that I was forced to click on it, and boy am I glad I did.

This song, actually his whole EP is just amazing. He blends some amazing r&b infused vocals with an unshakable sense of folk and country.  For a country music lover like me, it was heaven. It's like Bill Withers meets Donny Hathaway. It's just everything.

 I have played this song probably a billion times since I got it, and have tweeted the lyrics nonstop. It just speaks to me on so many levels. So, as always I want you guys to enjoy it too!

Rich King's latest release Meridian Desert is available for download now!

Alicia Keys Performs at Empire State Building (Vid)

Alicia Keys flicked the switch to turn the lights on for the  Empire State Building's  new LED light show yesterday. The pianist turned very successful singer/songwriter performed two of her songs with the synchronized light show.

The mother of one performed Jay Z's hit song Empire State of Mind which she sings the hook on,  and the title track from her brand new album Girl on Fire which is in stores today.

#AwwAlert Shakira Shakira! Family Photo Time

The levels of adorable!!!!! The gorgeous Colombian singer is expecting her first child with boyfriend Gerard Pique. She's kept busy during her pregnancy allowing fans to still get a glimpse of the artist they love as she prepares to become a mommy. The Roc Nation artist took to her instagram account today to share this really cute family photo with the caption 
Podría estar 9 meses más así!

Which in translation means, she could do 9 more months of what she's doing! It's great that she's enjoying her pregnancy and personal life among the chaos going on in her professional life. Her ex boyfriend, business manager is suing her for $100 Million! Yes. Antonio de la Rua with whom the Colombian beauty had a 10 yr. relationship with claims he is entitled to that money due to work he put into her career.

I'm sure he was instrumental in her success, but I also think $100 Million is quite a lot for a man who is not really hurting for much. This sounds a bit to me like a lover scorned. In the meantime Shakira seems to be enjoying her new love and waiting on her new baby!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Writer Jenny Johnson Has Cyber Bullied Chris Brown for over a year-but he has a problem?

It's a conspiracy!!! LOL It's taken all day to get this vlog up for yall.. ultimately I had to make it 2 videos..It's long I hope you'll watch it all...

You wanna watch the second one too..






(see tweets assembled by a fan below...) I am not making this up..

PressPlay: Solange- Lovers in the Parking Lot

Solange is set to debut her brand new EP True tonight at midnight. Fans have been waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know becuase I'm one of them. The very unique artist that is Solange has this interesting sound and feeling that is undeniable for some. So, when we found out she was about to release something else we all got rather excited.

She released her first single - Losing You with a video a while back and the reception was great. Just a few days ago she followed it up with this jam, Lovers in the Parking Lot. It all feels really good.. the groove of the music. Her EP True is turning out to be "true" to what we love from Solange. I'm here for it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Jay Z, Beyonce, & Blue!! The Carters! #HelloBlueIvy!!! (Pics)

It's Thanksgiving Day here in America, and while most of us know the origin of the Holiday isn't so cheerful, we've found a way to make it about family and food and sharing our love for one another. Celebs often take this time off with their families as well. One of my FAVE celeb families wanted to wish all of us a happy Thanksgiving via Tumblr.

Beyonce sent out a special message from her family to ours along with a few new pictures (almost) of Blue Ivy!! Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Be thankful for all you have and try to spread some love today to those less fortunate!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Music Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell - Fire We Make

Our boys over at GOOOOOOOO!!! MUSIC are at it again. Fresh off of the release of Rihanna's (assumed to be no. 1 album) Unapologetic, where their record Numb is among the fan favorites, the production team over at GOOOOOOOO!!! is keeping it coming with this record by Alicia Keys.

Alicia's album Girl on Fire is set to drop next week. This song, Fire We Make features the ever so sexy Maxwell . The record is sultry and soulful. Alicia delivers a familiar raspy performance, and Maxwell's all too familiar falsetto is the icing on the cake. How can one ever get over Maxwell?! The marriage of these two voices over this track works somehow. Maxwell turns out to be the standout for me, but it's a solid record overall for Alicia!

Alicia recently announced her plans to tour with r&b singer/songwriter Miguel. That should be a show to see!  Girl on Fire is out November 26th.

Journalist Elliott Wilson Shares his 777 tour Experience on Angie Martinez "Rihanna toughed it out!" (Audio)

Highly esteemed Hip Hop journalist Elliott Wilson was just one of the 150 media sources lucky enough to be selected to accompany Rihanna on her 777tour last week. From Billboard, to Necole Bitchie..every popular online entertainment media outlet had an invite it seemed. The opportunity that seemed so great to all of us as the tour was set to begin was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. Rih told her guest that she'd take them around the world with her.. 7 shows in 7 countries in 7 days.

Day 1 Rihanna greeted her party plane with "I'm excited! Either you'll love me after this, or you'll hate me!" That comment was all too telling for many of the media who- after day one started to complain. They complained that they rarely saw Rihanna, rarely slept, witnessed the same show every night, were waiting a lot... and so on. No... really, you will find these sentiments published on many of their mainstream sites right now.

I personally and professionally was quite offended by some of the tweets coming from these people on her plane. Maybe the trip wasn't executed to their liking but I didn't understand the problem. Waiting, no sleep, not so great food, man... that's the story of every tour I've ever been on. If you ask me the journalists had the easy part. I never toured as a journalist, I've only toured as the artist or background singer and having to do a show EVERY night AND deal with the schedule is the real deal.

Other journalists who are familiar with the hectic tour life laughed off many of the 777 crews sob stories including CEO of  Ozone Magazine- Julia Beverly who took to her twitter account to share her experiences:

finally reading these journalist reviews from rihanna 777 tour.... hahahaaaa........ I can't stop laughing
I guess I'm a spoiled journalist cuz all the things they're complaining about sound like normal tour life to
Pretty sure I've been on an  7-shows-in-7-countries-in-7-days tour a few times before
On an int'l tour u pretty much should expect the only sleep you'll get is on an airplane
All the journalists complaining that rihanna's set list is the same at every show is funny to me. That's what a tour

Once home, Elliott Wilson stopped by Angie Martinez' popular radio show in NY to share his experience and responses to what everybody seems to think was the most horrible trip EVER- let the media who went tell it. Elliott kept it short and to the point. He's a vet in the game, so maybe he knew more of what to expect than others, but according to him, Rihanna's the one who toughed the situation out. Check out the audio from his interview below.

"Im not mad at her. She did her thing, we got to roll with her, she didn't promise no exclusives or nothing."
He even addressed it on a vlog today!

I guess with all things in life- it's all about your perspective. I still feel the overall reaction of the media was immature and ungrateful. What did they expect? To be sharing bunk beds and pillow talk with Rihanna? Eh I'm inclined to think
"We're all delirious, not getting much Rihanna access, BUT we got a diamond, networking, and a 7 country wide party/concert experience with one of the biggest artists of all time! WOW!!" 
-would've been the appropriate attitude to have, but hey.. I'm just a little entertainment blogger in Atlanta- what do I know about this level of blogging/journalism/life?

BTS Future ft. Kelly Rowland - Neva End (Video) starring Evelyn Lozada's daughter

Future is sorta like a big deal these days. The rapper/singer however you choose to categorize him hasn't really gone away in the past couple of years, but it feels like he has resurfaced in a sense. After about 2 yrs of releasing mixtapes and his album Pluto in April, Future is set to re-release his debut album with the title "Pluto 3D" next Tuesday.  The repackaged album will feature 3 new songs and 2 new remixes.

Future is slowly but surely winning over a new audience other than the trap audience he may have captured with his hits Magic and Tony Montana. It's almost like we expected him to be one thing, but that was just an introduction. His recent collaboration on Rihanna's soon to be No. 1 album Unapologetic, Loveeeeeee Song is a favorite for fans, many claiming Future "made" the record. His collab with Kelly Rowland, Neva End is on the same vibe.

Produced by Mike Will (who is everywhere too!) the record is a smooth r&b feeling joint that the urban crowd will love too! Check out the Behind the scenes of the video shoot at Madonna's old crib in LA. ..Mr. LA Reid is there, Kelly Rowland looks great as always , and yes that's Evelyn Lozada's daughter Shaniece as the lead girl-she's gorgeous.

Pluto 3D is in stores November 27th.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#MotherMary! @Rihanna Scores 12th No. 1 Record With #Diamonds!- Now tied with Madonna

At just 24 it seems that pop star Rihanna should just be getting started with a blazing career right? WRONG. At 24 Rihanna is coming for every record established by the icons before her and well on their heels if she hasn't already surpassed them. Since her hit record Umbrella debuted in 2005 it's been almost impossible for her to release a single that you didn't hear playing everywhere all of the time. The no. 1s started to pour in.

Just moments ago her label's twitter handle tweeted that Rihanna has officially tied with Madonna at 12 no. 1 hit records on Billboards Hot 100 Singles chart with Diamonds which EVERY one seems to love. Rih and Madonna only trail Mariah Carey who currently holds the record with 18 no. 1s.

Her album Unapologetic is just that on the iTunes charts as well. Just released Monday the 19th, the album is looking to be the super artists first No. 1 record in  the US. While that may seem a bit weird for her, it means very little when she's just about broken every other existent industry record known to man in 7 yrs.

Congrats to Rihanna, her Navy, and her whole team. As I watched her greet a few of her fans tonight at Best Buy's Unapologetic release event in NY, it became even more clear to me that her success is not just due to hard work. Rihanna has established a genuine relationship with her millions of fans worldwide. She engages them daily on social media, hugs them like they're her cousins, knows their names, stories, family members, and much more. This type of devotion to them has rendered much devotion to her in return.

 Looks like that Rihanna reign just isn't letting up...just 24.. just 7 yrs. in the

BJ the Chicago Kid Gives back in a major way for the Holidays+ His Collab with Kendrick Lamar

It should be the hope of every person to find a way to give back to their community. Singer/songwriter producer Bryan Sledge bka BJ the Chicago Kid is no different. Hailing from Chicago, IL BJ is known for his soulful and real life lyrics. His live performance is an experience I'd encourage any music lover to encounter. BJ's albums and mixtapes are highly praised by fans and peers alike.

This year the artist who now resides in LA wanted to give something more than incredible music to his hometown. Teaming up with his own charity organization The Chicago Kids Foundation and Universal Republic artist YP- BJ will be giving away turkeys to the Chicagoland area today, November 20th! Families in need of a turkey for the holidays can come by  Prayer Band Church  on 321 E. 69th St, Chicago, IL from
1 PM - 3 PM to get one for free!

This is an amazing gesture considering how many families are in need around the holidays. When asked about why he decided to do it, BJ responded:

"I recently signed to Motown Records but this foundation is strictly from my heart. This drive is my first attempt to give back to Chicago. In this instance, I don't want any lines to be crossed between me signing my deal and The Chicago Kids Foundation. I will not be releasing an album this year... so this drive has nothing to do with the promotion of my music in any kind of way."
I love it. Salute to BJ, YP, and his foundation for giving back! For more information on The Chicago Kids Foundation contact 773.669.6171.

If you aren't familiar with BJ at all, check out one of my fave grooves by him, The World is a Ghetto ft. Kendrick Lamar below!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Watch Rihanna Perform Live in London (Stream) #777Tour

Today has been an interesting one for Rihanna and her epic 777 tour that is underway. The Pop diva is currently in London for her 6th stop on the tour! The lucky media personnel invited to join her have grown rather weary on the road. Most of them obviously not used to tour life-have complaints of late shows, no sleep, and very little time with the pop star.

Since I've shared my point of view so much via twitter and instagram already I won't bore you all with how much that idea irritates me. I'll just say that Rihanna could've taken a couple other bloggers & I  and we would've loved every restless, Rihannaless moment of a free worldwide 7 day party.

Rih has bigger fish to fry anyway. Her brand new album Unapologetic is out today and receiving much praise. It's honestly a GREAT album!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

American Music Awards 2012 Performances and Winners- Justin Bieber, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, and more

The AMAs brought out a few good performances this year. Some artists used the stage to premiere a couple of new songs, and others like  Kelly Clarkson took us down memory lane. My faves of the night were Justin Bieber, No Doubt- who STILL has it, and of course Psy bringing out MC Hammer to close out the show in true Gangnam form!

Other artists who performed included Nicki Minaj, Pink who's performance I loved as well, Usher, and Christina Aguilera. Swizz Beatz & his boys Chris Brown and Ludacris also got the crowd hype with their first performance of Everyday Birthday.

It was a good night as far as winning goes for most of the performers as well. Justin took home the big award of the night- Artist of the Year along with Favorite Pop Rock Male artist, and Favorite Pop Rock Album. Nicki Minaj won Fave Rap hip hop/rap and album. While the New Artist of the year went to Carly Rae Jepsen.

A few other winners include Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Rihanna, and Beyonce.

Check out some of the performances you may have missed! Congrats to all of the winners.

Psy - Gangnam Style

Justin Bieber

Nicki Minaj

Swizz ft. Chris Brown & Luda




American Music Awards 2012 Fashion- Carrie Underwood, Brandy, Tyga, Kelly Rowland + More

If you didn't get to catch this years American Music Awards, you missed a pretty cool show. I've got a few photos of your fave celebs and a couple of my favorite looks of the night. Most of today's top music stars showed up looking fabulous and even a few other entertainment celebs were in toe. Lots of your favorite artists looked amazing!!! The gowns and suits were in full effect. The glam squads always seem to work overtime for these shows, and boy does it pay off.

Some of my best dressed were-of course my doll  Brandy's gold & black look, I loved Kelly Rowland's look as well..but to me Carrie Underwood gave me everything in her Abed Mahfouz gown! She dazzled, while Kerry Washington rocked a cute little yellow Stella McCartney number. As for the guys, Rapper Tyga really turned heads this year in a bright red suit, that for some reason I was inclined to like.

Now, I wasn't really feeling Jordin Sparks' look this year even though I think I like the dress. Something about the whole look didn't do it for me. I also wasn't too fond of what Nicki had going on. I think it was the hair and make up that threw me off.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty safe night in fashion for the 2012 AMAs.


Chris Brown

Jordin Sparks

Kerry Washington



Kelly Rowland

Nicki Minaj/ Christina Aguilera


Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

Friday, November 16, 2012

#PressPlay @Rihanna ft. @KanyeWest - #Diamonds Reeeeemiiiiiixx

It's only right that Rihanna's big bro Kanye West jumped on her premiere single Diamonds from her new album Unapologetic. For a few reasons- it's titled Diamonds & they are both Roc.. but also because the feel of the record is Kanye all day.

Kanye opens the record with a few bars before Rih comes in with the chorus. This one is sure to stir up some commotion as Kanye is sure to make an illuminati reference for all of the conspiracy theorists. He also keeps it Roc with references to his crew, and of course he refers to his chic as well. Rihanna's album drops on the 19th! I.Cant.Wait!

Diamonds Remix is on iTunes now.

#PressPlay Keyshia Cole ft. Ashanti -Woman to Woman

Keyshia Cole  and Ashanti have teamed up for a collaboration, and not just any collaboration. The two ladies sing the title track from Keyshia's next album set to release on November 19th. Fans who love Keyshia's blunt and emotional tone will not be disappointed by this record. It's a take on the original Woman to Woman idea/song by Shirley Brown, but this time there are two women singing it!

Keyshia Cole has been making some new fans lately as she gears up to release this highly anticipated album Woman to Woman . Her recent performance on Black Girls Rock had people talking for days about how great she sounded. This is way cool for her being that she has this album dropping in a few days. Check out her latest release ft. Ashanti below.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#PressPlay @Rihanna ft. @ChrisBrown Nobody's Business

Photo Credit Dee Edits

 Rihanna's full album has leaked being that we're just days away from it's release. This is almost expected these days unfortunately. One of the most anticipated songs-Rih's jam with her "best friend" Breezy Nobody's Business is the talk of twitter right now.

The grooved out record is a sample of my favorite Michael Jackson record The Way You Make Me Feel. Both Rih & CB give their own interpretation of some familiar sounds/phrasing made most popular by the late legend. Chris was highly praised by MJ, so I am sure he'd be proud to hear him rocking out to one of his originals.

I love this track it's fun and seems to be all too telling of how the young artists REALLY feel about their personal lives. In a recent interview with LA's Big Boy Chris explained this significance:

“This record was a statement- Us as friends, as human beings, as entertainers, everything we do isn't everybody’s business. At the end of the day, we gon show ya’ll how dope it is and show ya’ll how epic our artistry is."

Couldnt have said it better myself Christopher! Check out the jam below. Rih's album Unapologetic is out on the 19th. BUY IT! Meanwhile you may be able to catch the two out and about as they both began worldwide tours last night. Rih's 777tour kicked off in Mexico & CB's Carpe Diem overseas. Good time for Chrianna!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LOL! Ellen Speaks to Rihanna's Cake (Video)

Rihanna is set to be on the Ellen show this evening at 4pm. As she heads out to begin her 777tour today, we have a few previews from her appearance on my favorite talk show. On one clip Ellen takes a moment to speak to Rihanna's Cake to congratulate her on doing a little better than she was the last time Rih was on the show!

When asked on her last visit Rih replied that her personal life was basically non existant and that this wasn't good for "her" as she pointed down to her "cake". This year though she says her girl is having a little more fun now.............................. we wonder why?

Rih was just celebrating at GQ's Man of the Year party the same night looking smoking hot in a red dress. She bossed this year's cover for the magazine rocking nothing but a small jacket over her shoulders.

Check out that clip and a few others of Rih discussing dating, tattoos, wanting kids, and Brad Pitt below. Ellen airs today at 4pm EST.  Unapologetic is in stores on the 19th.


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player



Accuser recants sex claims against Elmo puppeteer

The man who claimed he had sexual relations with the puppeteer of Sesame Street character Elmo while underage, has since recanted that claim according to Reuters. WOW!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

@4EverBrandy Celebrates 18yrs since I Wanna Be Down Peaked- Talks Candidly about fear & humility

I can remember the first time I heard I Wanna Be Down. I was in my room, my parents were gone and my older brother was blasting it in the basement. I'm not sure what it was about Brandy at that time for me as an 8 yr old, but whatever it was, it was enough to have me here 18 yrs. later loving her all the more. Brandy celebrated the 18th anniversary of I Wanna Be Down hitting number one in DC the other night.

Silent brought her out a cake and the crowd did the infamous dance with her. Then B sits down to candidly speak about her experiences since then. It made me so happy as a fan to hear her say that now she feels like she's in the same space she was in 18 yrs. ago, before all of the struggle. It's so obvious as a fan that the excitement and tenacity is definitely back!

I know what she's gone through over the years. I witnessed her sort of retrieve into her fears, and now for her to walk gracefully out of that fear and SLAY as she has with this Two Eleven album is so inspiring! Check out what she had to say about it all below! She's so gorgeous! She's one of the most praised vocalists of our time, but she's humble...and as she so clearly puts it below "not afraid" anymore. Love it!! Go Bran!

Two Eleven is in stores now. If you don't have it, get it and get your life!

@Beyonce Why You So Perrrrty?! + Album News

Looks like the Beyhive is about to get that work. Queen Bey is currently in the studio cooking something sweet for her devoted hive. Bey is said to be in working with some of the hottest out right now. Singer/songwriter Miguel posted a picture just last month of he and Bey together. She's given her fans hints with a small video showing her in the studio, and the photos on her newly activated Instagram account.

To be honest, I'm currently using this "new album" story to have a legit reason to post the above photo of Bey!! Haha. I think it is flawless and I'm in love with it, so I figured I might as well let yall know something about something if I'm going to just randomly post this picture! LOL! Now that I've gotten that off of my chest..... back to the music.

Bey is said to be working with a few other great talents such as the beautiful Emeli Sande (I am EXCITED about that). The truth of the matter is Bey can work with anybody and it'll be great.. she is just that amazing.
Check out a couple photos of Bey in the yo and the 5 second long video she released to get her hive all swarming.

#HOTTT @Rihanna's Man of The Year GQ Interview & Photos

Rihanna is a boss. Gearing up to head out on her 777 tour-7 countries, 7 days, 7 shows & press (why we aren't on that plane I will never know), followed by the release of her most highly anticipated album UNAPOLOGETIC, Rih is gracing the cover of GQ's Man of the Year magazine. The bad gal from Barbados is poised comfortably on the cover barely clothed. Even her greatest critic- mad that she's nude has to admit that her body is beautiful, and her reign does not seem to be letting up.

Rih poses very very close to nude on the cover in nothing but a small jacket over her shoulders. Then, as you dare to open the magazine, her photo spread is even more hot. Rih is definitely comfortable in her skin, but I mean.. who wouldn't be?! The woman is gorgeous.

The interviewer describes his encounters with Rih. He also gets her to open up about not really wanting to have to be "RIHANNA" in a relationship or in control of everything like she is everywhere else. I totally get that. He asks her a few questions about tattoos and the club brawl that supposedly happened between her bff Chris Brown and rapper Drake. Rih simply answers:

"There's no proof of that being for my love. That's my answer to that question."

Ha! I guess we all should accept that answer because we really don't know if it was "about" her but that is exactly what the public took from it. The interviewer also describes his encounter with Rih and Chris Brown in the club:

"Chris Brown brashly stands on top of his bench in the neighboring booth. He and Rihanna start tossing flirtatious glances like kids passing notes in middle-school math class. The smirks and the playfulness continue until they're dancing with each other from afar." 

He goes on to say that Chris jumps over into Rih's VIP section and the two party together. Of course they did, they're best friends after all. *side eye*  Ha! Check out Rih's hot GQ photos below if you can take, and more of Rih's interview HERE. Unapologetic is in stores November 19th!